EP 12 - Audiovox Featuring DJ Epps

September 08, 2022 TONEZ Season 2 Episode 2
EP 12 - Audiovox Featuring DJ Epps
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On this episode our guest is DJ Epps.  We cover radio stations, the underground, tv show and more..

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hey yo epps let these [ __ ] know welcome  back to the audiovox i'm your host tonez  

and on this episode we got the one and only  dj abs yo what up baby how's everything toned  

good good man good to see you man appreciate you  man appreciate you how's everything been going for  

you man uh i'm blessed i'm blessed you know what  i mean woke up this morning two feet on the floor  

got a beautiful family oh yeah still relevant  in this music industry that's the most important   thing that keeps uh the drive going so yeah i'm  good hey it's a lot of work to stay relevant  

and it's a lot of homework and just hustle  definitely definitely i mean you know if you  

don't have the hustle mentality you you're not  going to make it in anything you know i mean so   hustling grinding um and and staying humble is  one of my three keys of being successful you know  

and um and the relevant part like i tell  everybody you know every january 1st i just  

you know tell myself okay what i what am i going  to do different this year that i didn't do you  

know last year so i got to just switch it up and  somebody was explaining to me on the phone today  

like you know that's that's the major key you  know i mean that's one of the major keys because  

staying relevant and switching it up all the  time it is hard you know i mean some people are  

just comfortable where they at so you know you  you know a lot of haters not mad at you because  

you still keep on doing it you know i mean and  they don't know how you keep on doing it and  

you know you you keep on winning and that  that's that's definitely uh uh a key in my  

success that you know just staying relevant and  just switching it up all the time yeah and you've   been on the hustle since way back i remember uh  a fun fact about this story i probably you're  

not gonna remember but i remember i think we  went to slippery slide and we had picked up uh  

some vocal some session or something like we had  picked it up and then we went to a gas station   and we're in your little tahoe with the 26 is some  guy popped out your abs with a cd yeah yeah that's  

what i was like yo i felt good i was like yo i  feel famous too yeah i'm writing shotgun here  

you know so i i kind of do remember that you  know what i mean i think we was picking up a  

a session for mike smith or something like  that a freestyle i remember something like that  

and um you know that that's just  part of just moving around but   with technology these days you know i mean ain't  no picking up no more just send the vocals over  

you know i mean and and keep it moving but yeah  that hustle mentality always has to be in my body  

yeah the facts yeah yeah that's why i liked  also how you did um because i was literally  

talking about days before about telling uh  this artist uh hey yo put your music on a usb  

type the dj i don't know like you know try to  develop a bond but give them something every time  

you go out because if you're going out and you're  going to the vip and you're popping bottles you're   you're not even trying to communicate  you know you should try and hustle it  

and boom i see your post you know giving you a  step by step i was like yes this confirms you know  

it's cool that you know it's a little fighter i  was like look if you didn't believe me he said it   so they're like they're like okay i'll do it i'll  do it i mean you know and that post was coming off  

that you know situation that wiz khalifa ran into  in his album release party you know i mean um and  

and and you know as i looked at it i kind of got  mad at wiz for putting his hand on the dj or the  

mc whoever it was i agree yeah i mean i was just  really upset about that and i was even more upset  

that the next day you took a four to six hour  drive to the next town and you got on the radio  

and you stated that you had to put your hands on  the dj like like okay you know i i get it it was  

a mistake the first time but if you're going to go  on the air like that's totally disre disrespecting   all the djs all around the world like you didn't  have to do that you know what i mean so you know  

when i put that post out it was it was a it was  really for you know both parties whiz and the dj  

like you know if you're an artist i don't care  if you're drake or wiz khalifa or your upcoming  

independent artist like you got to roll around  with your usb you got to roll around with your  

your music you know i mean have a manager or your  rep roll around with the key on the chain the usb  

on the keychain whatever something but you have  to have your music on you yeah i mean it's just  

a a known fact to promote yourself you got  to go build yourself you got to go network  

like how to work yeah how can you not do that like  and and and on on on you know on another note on  

that side like us djs we do not like it when you  talking to us in the middle of rocking a party  

and you telling us uh can you pull my song up on  youtube or spotify you know time for that like are  

you we could curse right yeah are you [ __ ] crazy  like come on man like really like we gotta go do  

your management work for you like no like be  prepared and come prepared absolutely um you know  

and same thing for the dj or on wiz's part you  know i mean like how did you not know you doing  

wiz khalifa's album release party like have that  album ready absolutely you know what i mean and  

serato you know there's no excuse serrato has  a a a a title uh uh uh a button from title  

so you can have a title in account you know  you press that button and even if you don't  

have whiz album go to title on serato and they'll  pull up for you right so you know no matter what  

the dj had no excuse he should have been prepared  for that this is california this is wiz khalifa   album release party me as dj epps i would have  went from the first wiz khalifa single uh uh

and work her way to black and yellow  and all the way to his new album   i would have [ __ ] that party up like how  can you not be that dj to prepare yourself  

to to for the release yeah yeah you know what i  mean and not only that make yourself look good  

not in front of just the massive but in front of  wiz like oh my dude did his homework i'm [ __ ]  

with the [ __ ] you know what i mean building that  bond really exactly exactly so that's where that  

post came from but you know at that you know in a  day all artists need to come to the party prepared  

and build that relationship you know i mean buy a  mistake get them a lab dance whatever the case is  

like build that right yeah you know what i mean  take care and respect the djs no for sure because  

that's the only way you will be able to progress  and you guys are two musical artists in different  

ways all right you're spinning the music so you  have control of the audience and stuff that's   as a dj right so you have to control so you're  the artist that's the wiz it's the artist and  

there they just could have you know synced up a  little bit better but like you said how he started   acting tough and all that and i'm a big whiz fan  i was like ah they're like don't do that you know  

yeah you know don't act too hard for this and i  get it's your night and it could have been the   shots and all this [ __ ] it had to be like and  it's his night you know there was there was there  

was there was like a couple of incidents that  led up to it so i could see the frustration the  

frustration and finally snapped snapped the wrong  way but you know you snapped in your mind you know  

and that's happens when you work out a lot but you  got to understand too like you know you could book  

wiz as a dj he dj's oh [ __ ] that's right so i  think the dj kicked the dj mentality kicked in  

his brain like dude like i could do a better job  than you like you know come on so i think that's  

where that kind of came from too as well not just  the alcohol but all of that bundled up in one i'm  

pretty sure man so let's talk about uh stations  because you've worked in uh many stations what  

was the i guess the first station that gave you a  person but yeah the first station that i guess uh  

you pretty much said hold up uh at least got your  way in or practice and not practice but you know  

got put on from that station because then you  started moving up to where you're at right   now which is great which we'll get to that one um  well i guess we could start with underground radio  

stations in miami florida you know at this time  underground radio stations was very popular and  

because we could play whatever we want and so on  so um you know between blaze 1047 that was owned  

by my man dj griot and and everybody know the  other radio underground station mix 96 you know  

those two radio stations you know playing on them  was pretty fun and a learning process of how to  

um build your brand underground wise in  miami and to learn how to do radio stations  

so you know i started that and then now  i end up in mainstream radio you know  

i started off at 99 gems um doing mixed shows for  uncle luke when he had his show which was a fun  

factor because that's where you know me khaled  irie we you know i think sosa in the kit too  

um was doing make shows for his radio show and  you know we we we would turn the city up um  

nice but you know unfortunately i didn't get to  stick around to be honest with you because of uh i  

felt like it was um not your vibe yet no what  i end up finding out and i end up finding out  

many many years later down the line  that somehow someway i wasn't wanted  

okay your presence you felt like you uh  like i was being hated on okay and and and  

you know they try to utilize the proper channel  way to exit me out at that time and era and like i  

said i learned this many years ago so i wasn't um  used to you know uh being let go because of oh you  

went to germany no yeah yeah i gave everybody  a full warning that i'm leaving out of town  

oh you hated because i went to europe  and you're letting me go because of that   yeah when i fully gave everybody a full warning  you know what i mean but whatever so i wasn't  

used to that type of stuff so after that was  um uh what was it i want to say it was uh  

power 96 okay no um no i'm i'm lying it was 103  fighter beat first 103 fighter b came in when  

it was clear channel at that time and it  was a good um building process because  

i learned from some great pds how to develop  my skills and be a great radio jock and mixer  

you know and due to the fact that that  station didn't stick around you know  

me and you know rest in peace prince marky d  we stayed on that ship till it sank you know  

what i mean so there wasn't no letting go apps  i was just dead till the end and watched it not  

make it and you know clear channel you know  didn't really stick around and turn into i heart

so right after that i went to power96 um  you know this was pretty much a pitbull era  

okay you know so it was good to  to to learn edm music pop music  

not just hip hop you know what i mean so that  was a cool situation and um you know i always  

um love power like they always showed me a lot  of respect nice and and love different from  

the hip-hop side okay um the 99 jams and 103.5  different vibe yeah more connection there yeah  

you know but you know at the same time um 1035  came back as iheart and offered me something that  

power didn't really give me yet you know i mean  power was kick you know giving me a couple of  

spin jobs here and there you know what i mean  1035 came back as i heart and say look you know  

we'll give you your own mixed show monday to  friday eight o'clock it's a decision i gotta make  

you know what i mean and you know respectfully um  the pd in power they understood uh my decision and  

i i went to back to 103 fighter beat  and did that now as i'm doing that  

and this is why i say it's kind of embarrassing  because you know me as being the biggest dj from  

miami as as everybody sees me as to be  bouncing around radio stations like that  

that just tells you that these radio stations  didn't really take my brand seriously   you know what i mean and i'm still here doing  what and i can't even wait to go to the ending  

of this story because that's what shows  what a real station is supposed to be so   as i go back to 103 fighter beat and started  doing this eight o'clock thing um great run  

but at the same time you know as every  dj is probably doing they're walking on  

eggshells in every station they gotta wash  their back with other djs hating on them  

and so on politics politics playing the same  old 25 songs you can't play no miami records  

it it just gets you know sad and disgusting in  my eyes after a while and behind the scenes a lot  

of people in miami don't realize that of course  my boss is a dj you know i mean um you know and  

this guy was just hating on me he was not  from the crib he was from chicago somewhere   you know what i mean so he came in the crib  and honestly i felt like you was hating on me  

you was doing things use throwing bad energy bad  energy where sometimes i'll probably will snap and  

bring back a bad energy too and everybody  knows that's not me that's not my character  

unless you really push that envelope so you have a  pd that that a p that's a dj and and he's very um  

uh full of himself i'm gonna be honest with you  i'm not even gonna say his name he knows who he is   he's full of himself and now you also got a music  director which is an assistant apd you know what  

i mean okay and this guy's also a dj you know what  i mean and to have two djs on your back like that  

doesn't work for eps you got to let epps  beat eps and let him do what he do as well as  

epps knows how to um work around the station  guideline you know i mean don't tell me  

don't come and pull me in the office  and ask me why are you playing   uh this record because oh my god you had it  on the record list that's why i'm playing it  

you know what i mean this is why i'm playing  because you had it on the record list what   what's the problem now you're using all type  of excuses to get me upset and push me out  

i learned this from the legendary fat man  scoop i learned this from dj last because  

um it seems like they went through it back in  the days you know i mean whether you know his his  

situation that power or a scoop situation that hot  97 they explained to me like yeah these pd's will  

do things to you to upset you to push you to  the limit where either they fire you or you  

just walk out one thing they're not gonna  fire me i'll walk out this [ __ ] before  

they'll fire me so once that was happening at  103 fighter b it was just like okay you know what  

you know uh ap apd you know i mean i could see you  want my job i i could see you want my slot like  

you want to answer to this guy he wants to uh uh  put you in a position to tell me how to do things  

and control it yeah you know what i mean like  he and he doesn't see that this guy is using him  

you know i mean i heard this once upon a time  with a story with red alert and dj enough like   you know the same thing happened  to red alert at hot 97 that's why  

red alert left hot 97 because the pd was using  enough to you know you know what i mean um this  

was all talked about on drink champs with red  alert so i recognized that type of behavior  

see you for the connection right there i saw  that i felt i it was the same exact thing  

so and and and that dj from the crib you know  one of our friends one of our guys out here  

he doesn't realize it but at the same time is  is being done to apps so they was like you know  

what um i forgot what situation it was i think  i i i i sent an email in the corporate i heart  

to them and and not cursing but just saying  um something that i felt out of my heart and  

yeah venting and it they felt like it was  disrespectful in the corporate business  

hey i'm gonna keep it 100 with you all right  sorry if i'm not uh into corporate emails and  

people getting the wrong type of vibe of apps but  i'm going to keep it 100 with you oh just because  

of that email we're going to take you off at 8  o'clock and we're gonna pitch you on the weekend   um no you're gonna keep your eight  o'clock and weekend vibe i'm out the door

like i'm not gonna be disrespected like that i'm  not a fool i'm not a sucker like you're not gonna  

do that to me and um you know the higher ups you  know you know one of them is a good friend of mine  

alex tier you know i mean great guy and he pulls  me over and he he was like yo abs how can we work  

this out where we keep you i'm like alex there is  no working out if those guys cannot respect me as  

a man as a dj as a co-worker as whatever it's not  gonna work out you know what i mean like the pd  

actually you know stepped up to me  at cafe i'll never forget this day   stepped up to me as cafe iguana like he wanted to  fight me no way dude i had to and a bunch of zoes  

in cafe iguana on a saturday night a future  concert oof you know themselves by my side they  

saw that and i had to i had to give up you know  give them a silent signal like it's cool i'm good  

and thanks for papa keith for coming in  between us no [ __ ] like you know like   guys we shouldn't be doing this like doing what  like never in my life in miami florida i got  

tried like this in front of everybody in public  like this by this sucker ass pd i'm not standing  

for it it's just total disrespect so that's why  i never looked back and i said 103 fighter beat  

i'm out of here now best thing i'm gone like you  can't do that you can't do that you can't come  

from another crib and disrespect the crib like  that and disrespect somebody else i don't care how  

if you're a pd for i heard you know it's  just pure ego yeah so i didn't allow it i  

left and you know i started doing more hustle  in the street where i'm more respected at and

later down the line here  comes siriusxm rock the bells

like ll you know and and and thanks to prince  marky d again rest in peace you know ll  

was you know he's just started rock the bells  radio station and he's looking for talent to  

take it to the next level you know i mean and he  brought um a couple of uh old school cats on there  

which made sense but at the same time he he let  me know that he needs somebody also fresh young  

green but at still understands the the uh  the sound of of yeah that has that knows the  

old school music catalog as well so he's doing  these all day city detroit all day city miami  

all day city new york where he concentrate on  that city and he'll bring in everybody from that  

city to either do a mix or do an interview  so he did all day city miami and it was me  

luke khalid lass you know i mean we all did  our part cooling dre we did what we did to  

shine miami on rock the bell sirius  xm and he was like your abs do a   an hour and a half mix so i did it i shut it  down and the next day he just calls me was like  

dude that mix was phenomenal like incredible i  i just fell in love with your style and the way  

you carried yourself the way you mixed the way you  talked on the mic and you kept the party rocking  

and um celina's he's calling me i'm sitting in  my backyard watching my wife puff a blunt and  

hear me and i'm listening to him and i'm  like you know i'm getting goosebumps you   know like this guy telling me this and he was  like you know a legends caller yeah yeah yeah  

yeah and that next day he calls me and he's like  i want to offer you a contract i fought for what

you could have your own show on  rock the bell so i was like wow yeah  

wow what an opportunity you're like like i can't  get that in my own hometown you know what i mean

but it takes an outsider to come grab me and put  me in the right position to do the right thing  

at the right time so i was like okay i'm with it  you know and we talked about different ideas and  

you know he was like what do you think about  you know having your own show on saturday night  

getting people ready for the clubs and this and  this and that and not only rock old school music  

but you could throw in a reggaeton song here you  could throw in a haitian song here or ahsoka here  

i'll say give you some freedom man freedom  is not the word tone like you know also you  

could play a hot new artist song it could  be a big no no it could be somebody from  

you could play a hot new song but just keep  it that format that format and sure enough man  

we started hitting it off and a whole year  it's been a whole year and six months now nice  

i he lets me do my own programming he lets me do  my own show like he lets me be f something that  

all radio station needs to let djs do like i could  go to new york and i could hear funk master flex's  

handcuff i could hear that it's pre-recorded like  you don't want to go in there no i could hear that  

it's not authentic no more those type of radio  stations you know i mean but for a year and six  

months to go by and i'm gonna rock the bells and  my pd which is you know jay hudson dion summers  

one of the best pd's i ever worked with in my life  for them to not call me all year round to tell me  

abs slow down apps why you playing this  record apps uh micromanaging everything  

and my show ends up becoming the number one show  on the weekend on siriusxm yeah congrats like  

that's the definition of real radio like you  know what i mean and i hope i hope that everybody  

understands and sees what happened to me now  i don't want to go like somebody said oh 1035  

uh or another p like the the pd i was talking  about before he's not there no more they let   him go for whatever reason so i guess another  pd came in and it was like yo apps you know  

you want to try to come back again no i don't  you know hell no i have the freedom and what   i built in right like i'm pretty sure right now  you know like you know once you have that control  

yeah you have that freedom you have that control  you have that freedom you have the respect very   important yeah you know what i mean and of course  i'm getting i get more paid more money doing  

one show on the weekend than i'm doing working  my ass off over here in the crib like no i'm not  

looking back now um only thing i would look back  is 99 jams okay why united name james why because

they were the first one to ever give me a shot

radio wise mainstream radio wise so that's  that's always somewhere in my heart with the crib  

miami 99 jams fine i'm not and they don't have  to give me a full show i'm okay with that if you  

want to call me to do a guest spot let's go knock  that out easy i'm good with that but i'm not gonna  

go back to and you know there's there's things  now saying there's people now saying that radio  

stations and in in markets in different markets  they're not it no more uh you possibly could be  

right because everybody's listening to spotify  or podcasts or yeah all i listen to is xm radio  

so when i heard you there and i hadn't spoke to  you in a minute and i heard you i was so happy   i was like wow this is where i like to hear abs  right now you know i heard you with your drops  

i heard you you know i heard the session on on  saturday and i was like yo this is awesome for   you you know and because i listened to satellite  radio so i never listened to regular radio because  

nothing against commercials or nothing like  that it's just like you said it feels controlled   so it's like you're gonna get me hype and then  you're gonna stop or you play something so that's  

why i like the whole environment on satellite  radio oh man it's a it's a gorgeous thing it's  

a gorgeous thing and it's the fact that i could  play a new artist sometimes whenever i want to  

that's crazy because you would have thought you  can't because of the format though that's old   school radio or whatever wants me to do it like  he wants me to play a new artist whether it's a  

a big it could be beyonce i don't care it could  be her new you know song i mean or it could be  

a tr a little trap homie from kodak you know what  i mean like i played kodak's brand new joint with  

uh king comb the other day like you know what i  mean nice not only because it made sense they had   the the little kim crush on you sample whatever  but this is it's a simple fact that we are still  

helping the culture no matter what facts  that's what ll loves he wants to make sure  

the culture is staying alive and that's why  he did that rock the bell festival and was so  

successful with it talk about that how was that  that was so legend legendary like it was so  

beautiful and to know his story about he didn't  he didn't have the rock the bell festival um  

title to do concert it was some other uh promoters  that was doing it some i don't know where they  

were from but i would see the rock the bell  promoter but you would know it's not a l okay  

so last year or two years back he went to court  to go fight for the name oh you're right because  

i've been to a rock the bell show and it wasn't  a part of i was different artist performing and   stuff yeah different promoters so he went to court  to go fight for that festival name and won nice  

so what you saw this past summer was his first  concert his first rock the bell and for me to  

even be part of that first concert yeah that's  legendary right there it was not just legendary  

but it stamped and approved that i'm gonna be part  of a whole mess later i have a bunch of contents  

that's going to come out soon like i still haven't  even put up all the pictures i put i'm posting on  

instagram yet you know i mean there's still more  videos and pictures and um to be part of that it  

was just awesome phenomenal legendary and great  um so you know and it was it was well put together  

um what was your favorite performance oh man oh  man i i told people onyx was one of my favorite  

evenings yeah you know they bought they bought  the energy there like you know people were just  

still settling in getting uncomfortable but when  they got on they set that tone like this is gonna  

be the show you know what i mean so onyx shut it  down buster of course shut it down um you know  

nori hasn't performed for about four to six  years from my understanding and he came and   he shut it down you know him and uh capone  or just him he brought capone out oh nice he  

brought capone out and they did that legendary  capone noriega blood money all that stuff you  

know what i mean and it was it was it was a blast  to see that um who else little kim did her thing  

um you know and the fact that when i said and  promoted for three four months on the radio  

on siriusxm channel 43 rock the bells every  saturday night at 9 00 p.m and 1 o'clock in the  

morning just in case you missed the first show um  sorry for the plug but uh uh to to tell the world  

that i'm gonna bring the entire miami florida up  to queens new york and we gonna come shut it down  

we did that like ross came and shut that thing  down and new york gave us so much love like it was  

awesome trina came and shut it down you know  i mean i even consider nori us now because he  

lives here you know definitely so when i said i  was bringing the whole entire miami like to even   see the fan base take a flight out and go stay up  in new york and get an airbnb or a hotel just for  

that concert miami was deep in queens new york and  i was happy to say that i helped make that happen  

nice yeah i mean yeah so it was legendary rock  the bell festival and it should be coming into  

uh different markets in your town soon nice yeah  not bad that's a fast he has a lot of plans for  

rock the bells that's that's a great fight for  that name i'm pretty sure he has a lot of plans   for that yeah yeah i mean it was you know it  was not just a festival but the fact that he has  

other plans i can't really talk about but what he  had um told me what some of his uh uh management  

have told me i'm like wow this is gonna be big  it's not only gonna be big but it's gonna be  

a movement like a huge movement and and it's  it's needed for the culture that's what it is  

it's needed for the culture because a lot of  people forget where hip-hop came from i agree  

r b came from you know i mean a lot of people  is disturbed with diddy saying that r b is dead  

he might possibly be right yeah because it's now  you got rappers trying to sing what which is cool  

but now i feel like more genres or it's just music  has has taken a toll that it's changing a lot  

and i feel like uh if you always go back i'm  considered old because i listen to hip hop now  

nah you're considered wise sorry i'm like  listening to the right person you know what  

i mean not to say that music is not bad the trap  music is awesome for sure i love like you know  

listening to money back yo i think he's one of  my favorites right now you know what i mean and   you know the little babies the babies uh kodak  like you know i as a dj i support all of that but  

at the same time we grew up at a golden sound you  know what i mean and we watched it go through hell  

for sure everybody trying to get signed and deals  and not this and how to make music going bro come  

back from this album it goes deeper than that like  getting murked getting oh yes you know running  

situations yeah addicts like you know we've  seen it go through a lot um it's like it's like  

you watch those artists um grow and you  feel like you're you're a cousin of them  

you know what i mean like you possibly  may not even know nas never seen naz but  

if you grew up listening to nas you feel like  yo that's my bro for sure now is my favorite  

pretty sure i'm pretty sure now this  is a lot of people's favorite rapper   and you know you'll be hearing who's  your top five definitely nozzles in there  

absolutely hell yeah nas is definitely in there  yeah yeah he's a classic i know i'm gonna go now  

see him with the wu tang in september that's  gonna be classic yes that's gonna be classic  

oh yeah can't wait to see it especially now  with the whole hulu explaining more of the wu   tang series and more of the characters i feel  now more connected with the wu because it was  

they did a big rockets that i didn't know  it's when i was growing up i was just like  

we're so [ __ ] dope i was more into the clothes  i liked the music a couple records and then like  

looking at their show i was like yo they really  wanted a mission to get themselves out there and   [ __ ] you know and that's part of hip-hop back  in the days on us growing like you know we had the  

the the woo wear we had the unit gear we had uh  even like adidas nikes the fubu's like we had that  

and we backed that but it's like what clothing  are we wearing right now like you know what i mean  

yes now it's more depends it's either  street wear more hype or plain tees  

plain tees you know and i don't mind supporting  people but it's just like they're not there and  

if they are there they're not reaching out to be  like your apps you're doing great content can you  

slap that on your on your chest while  you do the next interview with so-and-so   and you know me tone like you're super thankful  yeah trust me when i see you uh when i was uh with  

doing daze now you see pictures with you with  50 with uh right everybody right every i was  

like yo yo was right on my chest in the middle  of everybody else like yo thank you i was like  

so appreciated for that and that's the type of  person i am like you know i mean like i have to   help out anybody that helps me because i remember  where i came from and i circled back if i have to  

um and at the same time we all whether it's  haitians latinos blacks we got to support each  

other that's what it's all about it is but there's  none of that it isn't i only see it honestly  

more lately on the spanish trap like more you'll  see the latinos are like five people in a song i i  

you know what i don't want to say there isn't that  there isn't that in our crib there's none of that  

in our crib in miami florida there is none of that  atlanta i roll up in atlanta them boys are all  

there's crews that be having beef  with each other and i noticed that   they still support each other like the money is  important before the beef but we still got beef  

stay over there but let's go perform and  let's let's let's you know let's go shine  

let's go build atl up i see that [ __ ] here  in miami djs don't want to [ __ ] with this dj  

this dj hates on apps this dj uh this rapper  and this rapper don't get along or this rapper  

they get along but they just their egos  cannot get together and build the city up  

now the latinos forget about it man like between  reggaeton and dembo and and and all of that man  

and making them hits they're all getting a check  for some split something they're all working   together exactly and if they're in like another  country and they can't come into the states they  

finding ways to still show support and make things  happen for them like i went to santo domingo and  

i've seen and heard a bunch of dope rappers that  cannot come to the states but but they found a way  

to you know whether it was el folke or you know  i mean the radio stations down there whether they  

they send their music to the states to get  heard they support each other and that's how  

it's always supposed to be yeah i mean i'm  the hottest dj in miami period facts but the  

support system in my crib is horrible it is  the city's like that for some reason i i i  

get more support outside of florida versus in  my own city don't get me wrong my city loves me  

but the support system i used to have them  guys and girls they got a little older they  

got a family they can't really go out and i  understand that and they probably support me  

from uh uh just like how you said like damn i hear  you and i i love that you know i mean i get that  

but that new era generation you know i'm the  [ __ ] to [ __ ] break your record absolutely  

ain't gonna be it ain't gonna be the radio  station in your hood it ain't gonna be that dj   at uh on south beach it ain't gonna be this that  dj it's eps period like you gotta come to me  

for me to at least get a jump started because  that dj ain't gonna do it that's just total  

facts i hate when they'll be like who's the  top five djs in miami and they don't put  

my name in there i feel like you're even more  connected with the underground more than any dj   all of that tone like from the bars and beats or  beats and bars from that from you know from going  

club to club from going out the country not just  state to stay but out the country there ain't no  

djs in miami that go out the country and shuts it  down i'm going to colombia next after i just came  

back from mexico like you know what i mean  like no other dj's doing that from the crib  

no other dj is supporting local artists from  miami to lauderdale or west palm like i do  

and still support other people from other  states and bring their music to my crib  

they know what the dj doing there is no other dj  that promote their own party five years straight  

in the worst night of the week and i'm talking  about playhouse monday five years straight  

if you're a dj you're supposed to have your own  party if you can't rock your own party promote   your home party you're cool but you ain't eps  five years straight monday night playhouse not  

only getting girls naked and dancing to making  them money but also hey come perform on stage  

come throw some money come perform on stage come  you know me come rock and still have celebrities   come hang out on a monday night yeah no other dj  so it it i'll be laughing when they be like who's  

your five top djs in miami my name is not on that  goddamn list oh you just saying that name cause  

you surprise your boy i get it but put the [ __ ]  facts out there who is the [ __ ] man out there  

like efn even though he don't really dj's that  much you gotta give that man his [ __ ] props for  

building whatever he built back in the days  with chp all the way to drink champs right now  

like i i hate it when they when big names  go on his show and call him effin [ __ ] efn  

ain't no goddamn vodka it's efn give that  man his [ __ ] props irie irie all right  

from from fiu to miami heat to yo like the  man put in work like to go back to efn um  

i do remember though uh one time we were at  the beach but more day we weekend passing  

on cds and he was with garcia the artist and he  was pushing garcia we were trying to give him a   demo he just waved his hand at us like  no i'm like damn why'd you do that  

so and i get it it could have been at that moment  he was trying to cross the street at the same time   probably not to [ __ ] get hit by a car i get it  but i didn't get hurt but the artist did you feel  

me like damn bro he didn't want to listen to my  music didn't take my cd or nothing and i get it   it's like it happens but now at the end of the  day it's uh i gotta say the artist is always  

gonna remember how he made him feel you know i  can't i can't speak for eo on that first sir but  

it could have been the fact that you know he was  there for doing something for garcia and he was  

not looking anywhere else or i don't know man  i don't know but you know people just tend to  

not realize how important it is to be a timing  yeah you know what i mean and and even though

epps is busy or eps whatever like i'm not gonna  be like nah i'm okay i don't need your stuff that  

makes me look like a total dick no it does and  and unless you have a good way to finesse it but  

still like you just want to always make somebody  feel appreciated yeah like yo you know email it  

to me or whatever the case is but for sure but for  for you to not you know take somebody's music when  

they look up to you and that hurt homeboy you  know that guy's gonna remember that till this  

day for sure that's why i had to say something  now because obviously he's not gonna say anything   that's why a lot of artists there will not be an  artist i hope there's no artist out there that  

will ever say your abs didn't you know rejected me  you'll never catch that you'll never catch that um  

not even on my bad day you'll never catch that  because that's just totally like i said that's  

that's that's rude that's a [ __ ] move that's  the total being an [ __ ] and that's why everybody

um protects my name don't talk about epps i  [ __ ] with apps like you know what i mean  

we need epps he's one of the last of the the  breeds out here though that's one of the real ones   out here definitely i tell you this much in the  hood when i'm shooting videos in it they love you  

so when i bring up oh he [ __ ] webs i honestly  have never heard nothing bad for me it's not gonna  

happen because never oh i know him everybody  just knows you oh i know him i'm like you know   him because i really know him do you know that so  everybody knows you and it's always good feedback  

and at least in the streets they love you that's  facts for sure hey that that's part of keeping  

your brand alive and you know you know a lot of  people was like how come you're not a uh you know  

as big as this person or this person how do you  know well just because we have a different uh  

a house or a different money bracket or something  i've been big since the 90s like and i've been  

still and i'm still doing it a lot of people's  not seeing the lights of a party no more  

you know i mean so i have a beautiful  family i'm still out there you know grinding  

and and and putting that work where i'm being  recognized by not just my peers but you know  

big name celebrities i'm great hell yeah ella cool  just calling you i mean that's a legend of hip-hop  

yeah i think that was just the the the the  icing on the cake of of the work i've put in  

in so many years because progress yeah you know  what i mean because of course i i've i've worked  

with the ditties the the busters or the jim jones  or the tory lanez or whatever you know i mean no  

matter what all these guys respect my brand you  know what i mean and if they come in miami they  

hit me up abs we over here come [ __ ] with us  you know most of the time i'll chill home because  

that's not me to go chill on top of couches   you know what i mean oh i get it and and and  act like um um um really it looks like a uh uh  

what's the what's the a male groupie okay that's  what it really looks like if i do go out it's cuz  

maybe i had a long day and i just like you  know what i don't want to hear the kids   scream no more whatever the case is go out for  a little bit let me just step out and let me go  

what let me go hear what is new out there what  what what what djs are rocking that's how i kind  

of do my homework sometimes you know i mean step  out and see what what moves the crowd because you  

got to do that once in a blue moon so not to see  what's out there yeah definitely you still [ __ ]   with the shadyville djs or yeah i mean that's the  family you know i mean they've always been the  

family but you know one thing i i i've not tried  to do anymore is join dj cruz okay you know i mean  

shadyville was like one of the the the best one  that showed me mad love but you know i you know  

you're i'm dj epps and the way i took it and with  all due respect i'm here to make your brand hot  

you know what i mean yeah absolutely you're you're  brand new and you're right like there was no you  

know i didn't see what you know all these dj crew  could or would do for epps you know what i mean  

like there was no bookings there was no you know  it was just more a part of a crew yeah you know  

what i mean so you know i i just say you know what  and somebody put it in my head like eps you know  

your your name is bigger than these dj crews like  try not to be with them because they are obviously  

using you to make their [ __ ] hot or their  retreat hot or you know they're dj squad hot but  

what in reality are they doing for you and i  had to sit back and realize that you know i mean  

you know i would be on the shadyville dj call  and who could not come on there not once i'm like

that's an eye raiser right yeah like like you  know we have in this conference and the headman  

of shadyville dj is not even coming on the call  not once like i i didn't understand that but you  

know i i i respect all of them you know shadyville  core djs mp3 wax heavy hitters i think they all um  

built their status and their djs to a point that  it makes their brand looks good but you know  

like i said none of those made apps yeah it  wasn't it wasn't reciprocal it's not the word  

i'm looking for it wasn't you know yeah didn't  feel it you didn't see it back the result nah  

nah and you started uh [ __ ] with  with like a 50 or like g unit before  

uh after or during shadyville before and that's  that's the only reason i thought that's the only  

reason why i got put into shadyville because it  was just it just made sense like when 50 asked me  

to start doing his um campaign down here  in miami you know after a while you know   the shadyville squad was like yo you you just  got to be part of it and it made sense i get it  

yeah because you're like the red for  out here yeah i get it let's do it   but it was after a while that i just realized that  i'm not joining no more crews no more i'll shout  

you out i'll help you out i'll do whatever we  could make a movie we could work with each other   but i don't care to be oh i'm i'm with this  squad dj nah man it's dj epps and that's it  

yeah and uh as far as in the g unit obviously i'm  gonna ask this uh with the whole yayo situation  

talking about uh he said on black tv so that about  his team running up on you or something like that  

and not his team he was saying a street team his  street team no he was saying i was his street team  

okay he was saying fat joe street team was running  up on me oh [ __ ] and i'm looking at this [ __ ]  

interview like yeah yo why the [ __ ] would you  say something like that one you're making me   look like a [ __ ] [ __ ] out here like stop that  that that khalid fat joe themselves will tell you  

that never happened and it probably no it would  never happen because that's not their character  

don't get it twisted you know back in the day is  you know fat joe might have smacked a couple of  

[ __ ] up way back in the days but this time this  era it was there was no room for that and you were  

cool with that that was the whole problem like  i was just guilty by association you know i mean  

you guys had problems you know i mean and just  cause um 50 offered me a check truck with rims  

and that truck you were sitting here it was all  cuz of 50. like you know i mean like he's like  

you got to do guerilla market i like i didn't know  how to do this promoting thing for an artist so  

that was like you got you got a a truck i was like  no i got a um a nissan quest you know what i mean  

you want to rap that he's like nah man sent me  a check went and got me the yukon truck you know  

what i mean and and and you know we started doing  promos for his get richer diet trying for mop deep  

for yayo and all of that and of course he's in the  midst of having problems with fat joe at that time  

and 50 would never come down to miami so  it would really be fat joe's territory  

cause of khaled you know so here i am  doing what i'm doing as a businessman  

i don't care about that beef cut me a check i'm  gonna do my job sure but you know you you you  

you it you know khaled understood but at the  same time i could tell he didn't respect it or me  

but he still [ __ ] with me you know what  i mean i got you it's like it's like a it's   like a a a friend that's a cop but you stay over  there you know i mean got you i get it i get it  

but it never went down to a point that  we run into a street and we're about to  

yeah run oh my god something was gonna happen  fight all over washington avenue like no  

hell's no so when he made that statement i was  very upset like why the [ __ ] would you say  

something like that you know what i mean and  khaled and fat joe they are my friends fine we  

couldn't really bond at that time of era because  of whatever the case was but they are my friends  

you know i mean how do these guys you know and  it made me look at hip-hop different like you  

know hip-hop is so [ __ ] fake like you know  it's real in a sense but it's really fake  

yeah it's cloud it's friends are [ __ ] fake  as hell it's it's the people the friends that  

really disrupts my my my uh my spirit like i i i  i know what it is now you know what i mean like  

if fat joe could pull me in the back of a concert  and say yo let me talk to you for a second like  

even though he was having problems with 50 or  whatever let's let's dead whatever is happening in  

miami like i had to you know he came up to me like  yo let's yo let let's go back here and talk right  

quick nah man let's talk right here and like you  know i mean i ain't going back there with you i   don't know what you're about to do we're gonna do  this right here in front of everybody and you know  

he's like abs let's just talk so and we talked  and he's like yo let's just dead whatever is  

happening in miami i'm like dude there's nothing  that happened in miami like you know what i mean  

your little goons which you don't have now these  days that you got rid of them for some reason  

like those little goons they're the one  that was really trying to impress you  

but never ran up on me never chased me down no  street no back alley are you crazy like come on  

man [ __ ] out of here there's something called  zolpound and they ready for me to [ __ ] make a   call anytime till this day like epps are you okay  if they see me disruptive maybe a bad instagram  

saying something they recognize that [ __ ] and be  like your abs you good yeah they call yo you good  

red eyes yo you good like i mean i heard this  i'm good red eyes i mean don't worry about it  

ain't nothing when it when it gets serious trust  me i and thank god i never had to make that call

okay so you know i i really was bothered and  and you know i told vlad i'm like yo vlad  

you know and and maybe i shouldn't have called  vlad but i i i was telling vlad like you know  

so you called him god i i had him up on instagram  we talked on instagram and i was like yo you know  

like yo why would y'all say something like that  and then he was like yo yo stands by his word  

i'm like all right let him stand by his word  but if this would ever get um put out i'ma let  

you know yo that never [ __ ] happened never  will all right like come on when i say khaled  

and fat joe are friends how do these guys give  me plaques before g unit do i don't got no 50  

plaque i don't got no yayo plaque i don't got no  lloyd banks plaque i don't got no g unit album  

play i don't got none of that [ __ ] that [ __ ]  never appreciate it i i love them to this death  

because that's just the haitian in me i'm good  i'm we cool i'll but i remember but i'll remember

y'all never [ __ ] appreciated that nelson that  ran that whole company for them then them guys  

never sent me a plaque i don't got you see my  red wall when i do my lives you don't see not   one g unit plaque up there at all you'll see a  terror squad plaque you'll see a khalid plaque  

like you know what does that tell you like i'm  here in the belly of the beast why you having  

problems with this other guy at that time  and i'm posting up all the unit in my city  

you know what i mean and they don't like that  but they gonna have to see it and respect it  

regardless why because ain't no bronx guys or  out of town guys gonna tell me what i could do  

how i do it in my city of miami that's never  gonna happen so guess what if you're gonna  

i was i was respectful if you throwing a party  in amnesia street team don't don't disrespect  

them like that go elsewhere and go promote  that's the type of person i was like  

keeping it real with it keeping it  100 and keeping it real don't do that

but you can't tell a miami [ __ ] don't  

don't put up no g unit flyers here don't are  you [ __ ] crazy i'm gonna put more of them  

exactly like you know my little goons would would  you know they would get a little heated that i was  

like abs let's go handle them [ __ ] no don't  do that that's they respect you no matter what  

cause you working work little [ __ ] don't worry  about that and if anybody runs up let me know

so that never happened like i was really   bothered by it because once you put something  on the internet it's there forever yeah so

anybody here just sees this that [ __ ] never  happened so whatever yayo spit out on vlad's tv  

never happened what happened was epps gave  g unit numbers when every album came out in  

miami eps is the one that responsible for  putting the numbers the sales numbers up  

for g unit that's what happened but you want  to go and say something negative like that  

like kind of like lost my respect man like and i i  kind of felt like it was forced because when he he  

didn't have to even bring it up they didn't ask no  it didn't just it didn't look flat it's just like  

i i think he was hearing wrong  from other people okay yeah i mean  

i think he was hearing wrong from other people or  people that he he that want to impress him can be  

yeah he heard wrong but like i said fat joe khalid  rich the player all them [ __ ] on that side they  

gonna they'll tell you straight up we never ran  up on epps and we'll never will like that's that's  

you know what i mean we grew up with epps ain't  no problem he ain't burning down my house he ain't   [ __ ] my wife he ain't [ __ ] steal my money  out my bank we don't got no problems with apps  

yeah some people so on a more uh i'll say  positive side um what's up with the the tv  

show not tv is it a tv show the one with montel  um yeah you know that was an opportunity that was  

presented to me and you know i'm i'm riding that  wave respectfully because i i thought it was um  

it was great for lifetime tv and bran  star to choose me to be um the dj of  

uh uh uh once upon a time the greatest  host of talk shows of america you know   what i mean yes you know yes he went  through some things so now that he's  

back at it and they want to put a dj back then  they chose me it was an honor like it was like  

you know no brainstorming yeah let's do it you  know what i mean i like how they actually give you  

let you get feedback and talk they interact most  djs you know they either play some music might say  

one or two things but i kind of like how like at  the end you could be able to say your input and   stuff like that i love that too you know what  i mean and and and you know to see that he he's  

back at it doing what he does best and you know  lifetime is supporting lifetime tv is supporting  

him on that you know i'm glad to be part of it  you know i mean they recently let me know i'm   i'm probably lifetime's first dj that that  that's on the network so you know loki i i  

was kind of happy and smiling about that as well  oh yeah congrats yeah so you know every uh quarter  

um you know he he does a show to to you know build  his brand back up i mean a lot of people thought  

it was like a everyday thing like wendy williams  and you know that that might be a little stress  

coming back from what he came what he went through  you know what i mean so they chose to do it every  

quarter and it's pretty cool i'm i'm very proud  to be part of that uh shout out to montel williams  

and branstar for that and lifetime tv hell yeah  so now uh since uh i know you're still plugged  

with with the underground and stuff um new music  mondays what's uh what's that about new music  

mondays it it was it it's part of something i  created coming out of the pandemic so as as as um  

when the pandemic hit you know everything got shut  down including clubs so i'm here at home you know  

like i mean like what the hell  am i gonna do now you know and um   you know i see djs getting on the lives they're  spinning and everything and a lot of people  

and my fan base was like yo you should jump on the  live and and throw a set and stuff like that and  

i was like yeah why not but i wanted to do it  different you know what i mean so i'm watching  

of course the godfather d nice he was the  one that you know started all of that but   i'm looking at other djs and you know djs put  their equipment on their kitchen counter and

i mean in their bathroom you know what i mean  in the tub some people in the back of their  

car and they're mixing i thought that one was  the one creative i think it was tony touch that   did that he was in the back of a taxi yet  he put the controller that he started dj'd  

i thought that was one of the best creative ones  but i said like how can i do this different and  

somebody is like do what you do best  like play new music from everybody   and i was like ah alright so as i'm doing my mixes  

and i said you know what i'm gonna do it every  night five times a night you know weeknights  

and i chose an hour like you know i watched  everybody everybody would go at eight o'clock   everybody would go at seven o'clock or when  people coming out of work at six o'clock  

um but there was like nobody around ten o'clock  i know not that i know of so i said let me do it  

ten o'clock monday to friday but let me not just  spend let me just every day do something different  

so i said monday i'll do new music mondays play  a bunch of new music from everywhere uh tuesdays  

i would interview celebrities like all my friends  celebrities and whatnot um so we started bringing  

in where there was like you know jason dorello  or uh we producers like pete rock or little john  

you know i mean all types of celebrities and  then wednesday i would throw down an hour mix  

and thursdays i would do indie thursdays where  i give opportunities for all indie artists to  

tap in with me and my fan base and we play  your music and review it or you know talk  

whatever and then friday you know it's  friday's turn up so you know if i'm not   djing at a club you know i'll turn up that hour  at 10 o'clock so you know i kind of have a set  

schedule all week long on my live at 10 o'clock  and um i linked up with um my tech guy who had  

recently moved back to miami because he was at  in atlanta and you know he's finding things to do  

and trying to fit in and you know i got him into  in a position where he's like my tech guy so  

you know he teach me about obs okay you know  i mean he need talk like look when you go on  

live here on on your instagram now you could go  live on your twitch facebook live youtube live  

all of that at once and i thought i was kind  of genius you know i mean now i'm all around   and my numbers are growing and growing and  i'm i'm here putting content out and then  

um as i'm doing this you know and that's how  the new music mondays came out you know for that  

but as i'm doing this too you know i'm  noticing you know facebook is sending me checks   like you know twice a month nice you know it  started 70 dollars then it went up to like 120  

a couple of months [ __ ] reached up to like a  thousand sometimes nice i'm like where is this  

money coming from like i haven't really i'm not  a computer geek i'm not you know i don't know  

things about i didn't know nothing about obs  computers i'm not as i'm going i'm learning  

and i'm asking my tech guy do me a favor  look at all my facebook posts and see   did i put some money in something  that's generating money or  

am i promoting something or if somebody you know i  mean so he went back and look and he can't find it  

and then i ran into a friend of mine that  works for facebook and there was like eps

what you're doing is what every dj was supposed to  do coming out of a pandemic and i was like what's  

that keep the consistency of of of being  on the live as much or as long as you can  

so that was like we see you we noticed  that instagram gave you badges i didn't  

know that facebook owned instagram at the  time whatever or they bought it whatever  

so you know they gave badges to me i didn't  know what badges was until i figured it out and  

i noticed everybody's sending me money  through badges i was like yeah every time you  

get money from a badge from somebody  every 15 minute it just the money just   pounds it accumulates it piles up you know what  i mean and i'm like and that's how the check and  

when facebook sees that by the first they send you  a check i'm like wow and then the reels started  

popping up and you're getting money through reels  now and the reels give you money on the 15th  

so every time i would post content on my reel it  was just money was piling up so that's how i'm  

noticing that's how he made me realize what i was  doing right without even knowing that i'm doing it  

yeah you're marketing correctly yeah and giving  content out and and and and and at that time  

you know the club's back open and all the dj's  are gone like they're not doing that [ __ ] on  

the live because there was either um getting cut  off because the copyright or their numbers wasn't  

you know uh fantasizing them or making them feel  like they should be on live when they only have   like 13 people on there like you gotta stay  consistent and grow that [ __ ] and promote  

your [ __ ] and you know so you know wifey was  like she was on that first quarter why facebook  

sending you money like that that's what caught me  out i'm like i don't know but i'm gonna get down  

to the bottom of it so when i found out and i told  her what was happening she was like wait a minute  

you know you got to keep continue doing this  right like keep going and i was like yeah that's  

extra money that you know could pay cable light  everything you know i mean yes anything yeah and  

i'm like so you know i had to keep the dj epson  friends rolling monday to friday 10 pm um except  

for if i'm djing somewhere that night i can't  make it then you know my fan base understands   they know and they see it so that's how that  came about with new music mondays and and me um  

uh what's the word i'm looking for reinventing  myself at a time a nasty time the pandemic  

you know i mean and like okay i don't even  got to leave my driveway i could pick and  

choose what party i want to do when i'm making  money here on my social media and now it's even  

um i recently somebody recently contacted me  in the metaphor world metaverse world excuse me  

okay and what for some nfts or something  no they these billionaires that contact me  

they they watch me and they see me you  know i guess they ran into my situations  

and there was like we want you to come they built  a world in the middle verse okay right a couple of  

people are doing billionaires are doing this some  some i went to a couple of worlds and they cool  

but the ones that i'm with man they built not like  these people built a couple of buildings these  

guys built a world a serious world where there's a  condo there there's a gym fitness there there's a  

couple of clubs here very detailed yo they  showed me this club called level where each  

level is a different um genre music okay and  you know i walk in the club and i see you know  

the dj booth and everything it's not even it's  it's launching like in a couple of a month now  

they're building it to a point where like there's  offices and you could you you could have a meeting  

with roc nation without even flying out  to california or whatever you could just   put on the metaverse and sit in the office  and in in that world and invite them like  

they even sold it to me they they put a banner  on top of a building saying dj f's coming soon  

you know to club level or to this yacht party  they have a boat they have a couple of yachts   and one of the yachts says dj f's live so that'll  be another place where i'm gonna be djing on the  

yacht so you know and there's like yeah you  already got the internet thing down packed  

all your tech got a tech guy got to do  is patch your turntables into the obs or  

the the the metaverse um oculus okay and you  you'll be you know they built me a uh uh uh  

uh is it an avatar yeah yeah  you know what i mean they built   to my look they even put some chains on me and  i mean made me look you know geed up and and  

to a point where they took me to a tour to  this metaverse world like yeah you know what  

i mean when we when we're ready to launch we can  have a condo for you right there yeah i mean you  

you have your own apartment you go and you go  dj you invite people to your apartment whatever  

um and i went to other people's i went to ball  alerts um party i saw they have one they had a  

dance contest it was cute i thought it was dope  but it just allowed me to understand where the  

world is going to now yeah that web 3 is yeah like  if i'm going to be making money at home djing in  

a metaverse like i'm not trying to go to you know  no strip club i ain't trying to go to no clubs and  

yeah i mean no of course not you're gonna be there  at a better comfort and it's it's a different it's  

it's you know your own home like you don't gotta  drive like don't get me wrong i'll pick and choose   the parties i'm going to want to do but i'm  also going to be careful with it you know i  

mean i ain't trying to go to the trap i ain't  trying to go to the hood i ain't trying to go   then you've done them all i remember at one  point you're like yo tones my goal is to get  

booked every day of the week and then i just  started looking at your page i'm like oh hey i  

think you're getting booked like twice a day every  day of the week here no man there was a point that  

there was a point in my life i was getting  booked every day but now it's like i don't   want to get booked every day yeah you want to have  a life yeah you know i mean but at the same time  

you know it was cool back in the days with the  word residency to me only time the word residency  

is cool to me if i'm in vegas okay that's the  only time but residency in your own hometown  

doesn't make sense for me because people  get tired of the same drinks same girls  

same uh whatever everything you know i mean it it  gets i seen it every era every uh decade people  

get tired of it so they move on yeah i mean real  talk in miami ain't no more clubs here hey no  

more club it's just live story and and and booby  trap yep no definitely you will know for sure like  

those are the top three that i know of you know  i mean i heard of mr jones but till this day i i  

haven't got invited to go rock mr jones like but  that's you know and that's another thing too these  

promoters have their own uh djs you know i mean  that they prefer like you know i remember one day  

uh um somebody was trying to book me and it  was like nah man epson's played out out here

why just because i i live a legacy since the 90s  like but i'm still here rocking you know what i  

mean and i'm better than your dj trust me oh for  sure i think that you're honestly one of the most  

resourceful dj's from the people you know from  the way you uh spin the music and stuff and it's  

just i don't know you've always showed me love and  i've seen it just not on me i see it to others and  

stuff like that and you've always tried to put  everybody to together so i feel like uh people  

just i guess we're not seeing i guess the process  or progress that you've got into for that right  

so who you've um since you're into this uh you  know like we're talking about the underground   music who do you think in south florida right  now is somebody we should be paying attention to  

um there's a lot you know i mean i just think you  know it's hard for them because it's either their  

work ethics or the people that's managing them  or the label that's not properly pushing them  

okay but there's a lot you know i mean that you  know to this day there's there's like you know um  

you know the grimace they're my team  i'll say them first green my stitches   you know what i mean whedom's owes um and you got  also you know mike smith you also got kiddo marv  

you got you know i mean v stuck you got a lot of  people ball greasy till this day i think he should  

be ahead of his game but for some reason you know  it's just management or something i don't know  

what it is but he he should be further where he  at right now because he's a badass yeah he is so  

talented talented and he got them girls in the  palm of his hands like you know what i mean but  

for some reason and that goes back to what we  were saying in miami the support system is just  

it's just not there is it because you think miami  is more of a a party city there's just too many  

i don't know because it's true  there's no support system really to   it's more of a show-off system look what  i got look at this yeah yeah but it's also  

miami's fault that they let all these out  of towners come in our city and i agree

run things do things [ __ ] our hoes whatever  the case is like how does drake come to miami  

and was it was it where he go to um and he  gave a bunch of money to some people yeah like

i haven't heard that from certain people  that made it out here from the crib like  

you know i mean that's true so it's like you know  where's miami's head when it comes to that so  

that's why i like to think outside the box and  just do things outside of miami because that's  

what keeps my name alive from here to europe to  asia to the middle east to south america like  

they they they you know they love my style they  they love how i dj and they love how i keep it  

humble so what's next for apps um you know  it's hard to say what's next for epsom and  

i just go with the flow when it comes to the music  industry like one thing i i i i can say is that um  

that um you know i i i didn't care  as much to put out music anymore  

but somebody made me realize that epps  the records that you did put out were dope  

but you didn't have the support system that  you have now like put your [ __ ] on tick tock  

put all of them on tic tac on on every type of  social media and just let it go and let something  

hit back whether it's a a network or movie might  be like listen we like this song and we think it  

fits for this section for our movie like something  may hit somewhere this is how it's gonna go  

versus you trying to you know guerrilla  market yourself in your own city to to to to  

you know i mean and you don't have that radio  station back in like khalid hat with 99 jams or   you know what i mean or or you know certain um  certain uh artists even you know i mean they  

didn't have that type of backing with the label  so it's really hard when now you're independent  

distro kid and tunecore and all these type of  social medias and stuff like that is out there so  

you know maybe you should just throw  the music out even the old songs you got  

revamped them put them out and i was like you  know what that's pretty i think that's a good idea  

i shouldn't ignore it you know so i  think i'm gonna go ahead and start back  

that and um also continue my beats and bars  because everybody said they were big fans of that  

um we was 23 episodes so i guess you know we're  just run some more especially if i'm meeting new  

artists too you know i mean there's a lot of  talented artists and and uh even old school   artists they they love the fact that i bought  them to beat some bars and to be part of that and  

make a movie so um you know the tv  thing definitely want to uh try to  

get um placements with um certain scripts they  trying to push me um to do some scripts now and  

i'm getting ready to do some acting schools so oh  nice yeah okay do that and once again let's just  

put more music out there and and and learn more  technology as we go because that keeps advancing  

yeah yeah definitely definitely and hopefully have  a podcast of my own soon you know i mean take it  

off the the instagram and build my own podcast  and i got you i can help you with that and that's  

not a problem with that i'm with that for sure  with that and with that being said man everybody  

just hit me up at dj epps everything you know  i mean you can check out the website   and check me out on my gram monday to  friday 10 p.m eastern dj epps and yeah man  

just hit me up man well i appreciate everything  uh for making time i know you're a busy person oh  

man thank you for having me man and uh anytime i  cut i i sit back and catch up with an old friend  

i feel like you know it's therapeutic for me like  it's you know likewise yeah you know i mean you  

know you get to talk you know talk it out you  know there's some things that you know i never  

got to express to anybody but you know sometimes  you got to let it out um i think uh uh i said it  

on on a post the other day that i heard jay-z  said the other day that um you know in order to  

in order to heal you must reveal you know what  i mean just let things out yeah that's how you  

get it out yeah you just don't have to worry  about it as much anymore it's like [ __ ] it   yeah yeah yeah definitely man so thank you  tony i really appreciate this you know what  

it is family me anytime anytime anytime for sure  man no doubt audio vox please like and subscribe