EP 11 - Audiovox Featuring Fayn

July 09, 2022 TONEZ Season 2 Episode 1
EP 11 - Audiovox Featuring Fayn
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Starting season 2 with the hip hop artist Fayn . We cover his history , music tour , acting in a new movie and more.

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i need on this [ __ ] properties to investing and imma keep throwing on my hood like something wrong with my engine


[ __ ] [Applause] [Music]


heart of a wolf [ __ ] [Music]


welcome back to the audio vox on this episode we got the homie feign here


hey man appreciate you for having me my boy well honey well honey man it's bones man it's a pleasure bro it's been a


minute it's been a long time bro but we here we here shout out to audiovox for


having me my [ __ ] tones bro man this i mean i'm happy to be here brother how's everything audrey good


good bro blessed blessed to be here man highly favored yeah man what you been


going through though what you mean what's cracking lacquer what's popping with you before we start okay okay okay i'm taking over the podcast too early my


bad guys before we start i want to talk about uh cause it's been a minute since we've seen yeah yes sir yes sir actually


it's probably like i did like two records with you yeah so you remember obviously yeah so we met and [ __ ] it was


three three records it was um to break it down for they can know uh all right so the


first time we met um man bro this is full circle so the first time we met i


just got out of juvie swat just raided my crib um i did my little time


got out i think it was a week after i got out old girl rest in peace um my mom she she she was the first


person to support me because she was like the one that wanted me to stay out the street so when that happened she was just trying to find anything to get me


like to get my attention off whatever the [ __ ] just happened and like you know


just stare away from that whole street [ __ ] bomb she she even helped me look for a studio i told her the music [ __ ]


it's something i was always interested in because i used to do poetry but i never really rap like i never wrote to a


beat and um she she she was willing to like pay


for my first studio session she was like willing to like take me and she even helped me find one and it was mastermind


studios and hialeah they're not there no more but um this was like man this was like


now you're looking like over 15 years ago bro like solid 15 years so


um man it was just a blessing to um meet you because i learned so much just from


that session so you know my mom brought me there and it was like two thousand dollars an hour and [ __ ] she's like


[ __ ] that's the last time i love you to death but you gonna have to get a job i'll help you we'll figure this thing


out but i can't pay this again so it was like a like you know a big amount for hourly i was there for like six hours


and it was like five it's you know it was you know how that time was you feel me so yeah you was the engineer


that i my first big studio the first time i ever got to even like record a


song you was the engineer and it's crazy how things come full circle because i've


came a long way from from them and you have too and so much has happened good and bad


and um man it just it just showed my i guess my my perseverance and you know the fact


that i wanted this more than anything and i ain't know what the [ __ ] i was doing in the beginning but i was trial and error and that's how we met the


first time you know and what's crazy is like that was the first and last time because i couldn't afford going to that


studio even when it was me and it was time for me to pay up so you know you started working with epps heavy at the


time shout out to dj epps and um you you know we try to get me in your studio but


then you just got really caught up super busy and i never took it wrong because you you never like [ __ ] on me or nothing


you was just like bro i'm just super busy bro it's nothing against you and i just had to do what i had to do so it


kind of worked both our favor because even though you wasn't taxing me heavy like mastermind i know where you was in


the position you was you still had that lease the best you could do was a discount you feel me so


i would never want to disrespect you as an engineer and lose you as a a a relationship to grow versus like oh i'm


just trying to figure things because that's one thing bro in the early stages of a rapper you [ __ ] up and ruin


relationships you because you're not really like appreciating people for who they are what they are and the support


that they give you whether it's small or anything absolutely for me so that's why i'm glad everything happened the way it


is because it's always going to be love bro i'ma always remember that story forever oh yeah 100 yes i remember you going in there you're


young fade low ass fade you walk in there like yo now remember we did uh we did a couple


records in there that's a fact i was big as hell too i was way bigger


man oh man i still got a picture from that day bro i'm an all blue shirt


damn bruh do you have the big ass 6x shirt that first straight dude i just came out


and my dog had the the low uh uh the dicky shorts with the reebok man unless i remember that [ __ ] vividly bro but


yeah bro that's that's how this this this this crazy story of ours started bro


way back when you know it's funny i still have that microphone because that he had uh hit me up he's like yo i'm


gonna sell the studio me and my brother whatever because he was a football player from for the steelers um


and he sold the studios like you want to buy any equipment i said i want that microphone and i remember i went and met


up with him in some storage place and i copped the microphone and you got it for the dumb low you got that mic for the dough he's like yeah whatever you offer


like word yeah that mic was like 600 bucks i forgot i think i got it for like 200 bucks some [ __ ] i was like yo


i need it so now it's more i have an emotional attachment to it i will never sell it you feel me i


recorded too many people on that [ __ ] bad because that was your that was probably the beginning era of you like


finally achieving like some type of success and yeah i was like damn this engineering [ __ ] paying off yeah that's


when i just i got it now a few months from from fulso because i want to study in orlando yes sir came back down and


that was probably my first or second studio job you was one of the first maybe second or third [ __ ] because i


was locked up and they was telling me so i already already was thinking about it when i was locked up and [ __ ] was telling me like oh there's this [ __ ]


called sae and then they started mentioning forsa and that's crazy because after that you was like the


first [ __ ] to tell talk to me about forso and then i went and like i did this little application where they sent


me like this package and yeah dog stuck the rapping it wasn't engineering


for me bro so yeah that's crazy bro like i ain't gonna lie cause in florida we ain't had too many places to go to so


you were they went to sae or full cell yep if he was an engineer absolutely so that's super dope bro batter interned


for many years at a studio uh circle house or hip factory and it got to be one of the big boys yep yep or what's


the what's that other joint um audio or something and you'll take about maybe almost a year before you can even


see the studio mm-hmm you're gonna have to do all the grunt work first pick up do this set up get coffee


get food that's a fact and then they'll start teaching you the the ways that's a


fact i ain't gonna lie because you know they're not gonna keep you all the secrets off the rep they're like now [ __ ] work this yeah exactly [ __ ] all right


and even though when you work we ain't how we know we can trust you [ __ ] you might not go somewhere else how we now now that we know you could work now we


got to see if you're going to be family yep and that's crazy because that's how it is in a lot of [ __ ] even


when [ __ ] really not thorough like that they just talk that [ __ ] but for sure man we'll get to that later


so where you originally from i was i'm dominican both my parents are dominican i'm from miami alopata you heard i was


born in um brooklyn and i was raised in alapada


and uh i moved to miramar hialeah for a little bit but the crib is the crib and that's the crib


ap yeah certified i went to school and uh


uh you know where obviously um juvenile uh quartet right next door uh


melrose it was called oh troy academy or something


i went there for a little bit [ __ ] that's crazy you talking about the jupiter like right like off 36th and 29th some [ __ ] like


yeah the courthouse all gated oh the courthouse


i think julie connected to it it has like a bunch of portables or a bunch of [ __ ] on the side of it okay okay okay


yeah i went there for a little bit dope dope yeah but that little area is uh it's dope too because there's a lot of


[ __ ] fashion little [ __ ] to be able to cop yeah down that street sir oh you talking about two all right dad


you talking about yeah yeah i don't know if that's exactly out of powder either no no no i know what you're talking about that's


that's what he would he be getting the hell my manager he um used to have a clothing store so that strip has all the


like wholesale [ __ ] yup yeah yeah i know you talking about i just ain't good with street numbers and all that like i'm


horrible at directions but once you say like a landmark oh yeah i i know how to get there


i just don't know where there is exactly like verbally like yeah that's uh so and so on northwest i'm like [ __ ]


i probably no [ __ ] let me hop in the whip with you we outside for sure you feel me i probably make some money wherever you at [ __ ] and then i'll


double back [ __ ] show me that's how i operate i don't be willing i got a whip [ __ ] we make it happen i'll be backing


though i can't be wild like that so what uh inspired you uh


now obviously you were getting out of juvenile you just got out of stuff so what inspired you to say like


i'm gonna really do this music like uh give it that like like man like


that was the biggest wake-up call because i was in the streets heavy i thought i would want everybody like like every dumb young [ __ ] outside um i


wanted to be pablo wanted to be tony wanted to be el chapo everybody under the sun you i


wanted to be uh uh tooky if if need be but you know i was


more of a hustler i wouldn't really like like like with the extras extras you feel me i i i can talk about it now i


robbed a few few situations did a couple home invasions nothing major but my thing was strictly hustling


and um because i had dabbled in the other [ __ ] like that


when they came and got me i thought it was for that because you imagine i've been hustling this whole time i'm 16 17


mind you but like i did you know i hopped out when i was like what 14 when i was like


all right i'm gonna do this for real so i'm already like bomb my first you know


boom they came and got me dirty i'm in the shower bomb oh [ __ ] i couldn't even believe it i'm looking out the window


and i'm like i double back man before i could even figure out what the what the do boom


boom i heard that bomb man i think that [ __ ] saved me because


there was two beds in my room at the time and the pistol was in my closet


and the work wasn't by the pistol so everything was separate that's when you just learn like you don't keep no money with the drugs you don't keep the guns


with the drugs and um not to say too much but um


when they came and got me my brother ain't live with us at the time no more so you know they couldn't pin it on me


exactly but i wasn't about to be like oh that was my brother neither we was just on some like um


oh this is that in the third like to keep it a buck with you


i think what saved me was that 9 10 so like it wasn't on my person like it wasn't personally minds and i could i


didn't purchase it it was illegal but you know they they couldn't they they found it in the closet big jacket


i never claimed it was mines i never claimed it was his i never claimed anything when they when they found it i


was like i don't even know what it the whole time i kept asking them [ __ ] what i was there like which i was here


for because my whole thing is this right i don't want to say [ __ ] for sure i


don't know what's going on i don't want to say [ __ ] so every time they asking me something i'm just like what's this for


what's this for and they playing stupid with me so i'm just immediately giving them that same


energy back i'm butt ass naked like the whole thing like they not even treating me right for me to give them anything


this one black lady she keep coming back because most of them [ __ ] was a mask big cracker [ __ ] bro so does she keep


coming back to me i know you know something and she keep telling me dumb [ __ ] like look you're 16


you're doing good for yourself just tell us something i'm like what are y'all here for i don't know what you talking


about and i'm like like i'm just acting bomb they keep finding [ __ ] one [ __ ] comes


downstairs this was the era where you had all the like when you had like bugs bunny wearing some ak rocking an ak-47


and some dunks or whatever so i had the warner brothers shirt where he'll say you know if you see the cops warner


brother and it'll be the big warner brothers song okay and this [ __ ] comes down says this big cracker [ __ ] think he's funny waves oh


the cops are here the cops are here and he waving the um [ __ ] and i'm just like bro in the back of my mind i'm like yo


this [ __ ] a [ __ ] for real like he he already when i'm butt ass naked two they had me outside they just put me


like on savannah a [ __ ] blanket and that's it so i'm in the middle of a miramar bomb


but ass naked they get me inside that black lady keep asking me stupid ass questions when they finally um decided


to tell me what they there for i hit her with the she's just and she kind of gave me the cheat code because she all she


wanted was something and i guess she needed something so i gave it to her so she said


i you got to get it from somewhere you get it from orlando or tampa i said oh [ __ ]


you giving me options before i had to figure this [ __ ] out now it's a b or c


or tampa i don't know anybody in orlando or tampa so i'ma just pick tampa because it's a b c d i think t comes before oh


so i tell her tampa this [ __ ] finally leaves me alone they find a pistol all of that i do my time


and um i was able to like one on my mama grave i have to tell on


nobody i have to snitch i have to tell on my brother i ain't have to tell on no


no no uh associates that was helping me i had to do nothing that all i had to do


was act stupid because i have a lawyer so and i wasn't smart enough to be like oh let me get my lawyer let me get my


lawyer [ __ ] i was able to beat a gunshot and the reason i say i beat it because like


they had no proof it was mines because because they game here for drugs and they only found weed and in a few


baggies it was everything was separate for the most part like you didn't have proof it was mines like


it wasn't on my person they had to look for that [ __ ] so long story short um


i think i thank god at that time because my mama was still alive so and and i oh my pops and my uncle was there when it


happened oh [ __ ] yeah my pops and uncle was there and my pops on he's a solid [ __ ] but my uncle here a [ __ ] [ __ ]


he started telling the whole family all types of weird [ __ ] yo this nigga's crazy


uh he's into this he's into that like just wild [ __ ] like making this seem like there's always that one family


member yeah like he made you know that it's i want the thing i wanted to be he tried to make me seem like i was but in the


worst way because since i'm not feeding the family and everybody's not reaping the benefits of it it's like damn he


only care about him and whatever is immediate to him and then you write i only cared about whatever the [ __ ] would


but that's what made it worse like he he he ain't know how to be solid like


my cousins ain't need to know that for sure like his daughters ain't like they his wife my grandmother my cousins in


new york my family in dr they ain't nobody needed to know that that could have been bomb


but that should that's what really hurt out of all of that because i handled what i handled probation for two years a


few months in juvie uh whatever i faced those consequences


but what really [ __ ] with me more was like my family always looked at me weird because


you know i never i was a black sheep you feel me everybody had their issues but like


they made it seem like we had [ __ ] so put together when that [ __ ] happened it was like oh


they had the ones that didn't [ __ ] with us has the opportunity to [ __ ] on us and the ones that did kind of was like damn


you feel me they innocent in a sense so they're not looking like you know they're not understanding and then the ones the ones that say like man shout


out to my cousin mama she always stays solid i'm gonna just shout her out because she always stays solid in the process of me learning who i was as a


person and and i got to give her her love and respect because you know shout out to my aunt almighty


so my cousin susie those real blood relatives you feel me and i'm gonna keep it a buck blood do


not make you family you feel me so that's facts right there i got to meet a lot of people through this lifestyle


that i call family and they're not related to me by any measures besides probably the dominican at best or


hispanic or or or like that's the only connect like other than that [ __ ] like i ain't got no family like that


so whoever showed me love you feel me that's genuine it would become real but not to veer off


so yeah that's how it started that story was crazy though i'm just glad i'm glad i'm here to live and tell the story i


ain't and and so from there you came out you


pretty much got inspired so who was uh a big influence i see with a dmx oh yeah man i


had to man i ain't know what the [ __ ] to wear i was gonna wear a shout out to eight and nine i was gonna wear some [ __ ] they'd be sponsoring me but i was like nah this one's special my [ __ ]


tone full circle with the [ __ ] studio and the whole vibes so yeah he wanted my main inspirations you feel me


aside from so many others but just to stay on x he he tells that story like he's not afraid to tell his story even


if sometimes he gets emotional behind it and um he's just so sincere and he's so


honest he ain't never been like i guess the most lyrical to most but to me he was just like


everything like he was real he was authentic he was genuine he could spit he he he was for the streets [ __ ]


love them like the [ __ ] was fly without doing all the extra [ __ ] and then there was [ __ ] like hov nas method man


um m.o.p okay okay oh man this is it's a few that


like my early stages like anything rockefeller rough riders i oh jadakiss styles beanie siegel


eve lauren hill it was a lot of people that inspired me in my early in my early phases of like figuring out like that's


what got me into poetry he used to do the prayers okay so you started first with the poetry you're saying right okay because


i ain't know like i loved hip-hop as a fan but i was a fan i respected the art i ain't think i could do what they do so


i just do my poetry [ __ ] on some like i was shy with the [ __ ] okay tell me so i was like man let me


get these [ __ ] on some trying to be creative and saucy [ __ ] and you know so yeah i tried to do that


and then i actually took it serious after this whole like police raid task force [ __ ] happened


because that [ __ ] was draining too it was draining because


ah man i ain't never expect no [ __ ] like that no of course at the end of the day some trauma not just that but like man i


was tired of it like i thank god that my mom wasn't there when it happened yeah that [ __ ] was already disappointing


when like for her not being there just hearing and have to come home to like the destruction of a crib mm-hmm


that's sure like man i ain't gonna lie i'ma keep it a buck bro none of the [ __ ] that i went through


hurt more than the effects of what people felt so like i was well


aware that selling drugs will wind up eventually getting locked up but i


didn't think it'll come to the drastic measures of being 16 year old and these [ __ ] coming from me like i'm selling


keys bro that [ __ ] would that [ __ ] didn't i couldn't fathom what was happening that's why it was so easy for


me to be like what's going on was going on because i couldn't believe it i wasn't only playing stupid i was like


man [ __ ] this [ __ ] y'all gonna tell me what's happening cause i need to know just so i'm like all right this is real


like this is this from this or is this from this cause it's multiple things but i'm gonna keep it a buck i just hit a


lick for the first time i did a home invasion like a week and a half before


that and i really thought it was for that so when the lady told me that it was for drugs and she was trying to get


me to talk i kind of was relieved because y'all not here for that yeah i took some of that


pressure off like oh okay i was ready i was like man that was still karma knocking on your door though yes but it was it was like a


it was a soft knock because i mean it was hard because


i disappointed my mom i [ __ ] up the crib by them rushing in and [ __ ] my jail


my my criminal record got [ __ ] completely never have a good job all that [ __ ] at


an early early age and that shit's still on my record right so [ __ ] could check my paperwork about all the anything i


say it's it's it's on public record but i think something sealed about juvenile whatever long story short um


it was weird because i i thought it was for something way worse


and i was okay with what was happening because if they was there for what i thought i


would have never i would have still probably been in there to this day because if i was 16 right


um yeah i'm 29 and i probably would have done at least 15 or 20 cause i let off a shot i had to


i had butt so i did the home invasion we shot i shot at the [ __ ] he but he went down yeah bom bom bom we did what we had


to do we left and


got away slept over whoever crib two three days went back home


my mama found my pistol that's a whole nother story yeah that was man that was


tough that that's a difference that's a good but i don't want to stay too dark man


like this is just but the truth is this is just telling me like me just telling you to really build you up yeah


that's that's the ill part right because you can't tell the good without the bad


it sounds all great what i'm about to say like during the interview like all of this good [ __ ] like how much has


happened like because we got a lot to talk about but i can't steer away from like


what the [ __ ] got me here and how much [ __ ] i went through to get here and what i had to persevere


through and through constantly year after year week after week and [ __ ] be thinking this should be overnight or


sweet and i'm so far from where i want to be it's not even funny but it's going to be somebody that watched this this is


going to be like man i got something from it rest in peace nip it's it's necessity for these interviews to happen


because it needs to be online people need to hear this because if you're a fan of a person of a hip-hop of an


artist you gonna want to devote yourself and learn as much as you can while you're constantly waiting on new music


and the more you see that it's it's it's something real and it's genuine and they can relate the more they dig


they dig and they dive and they get deeper and they deeper and before you know it they they they believe in


what you do no matter what you put it in this is a movie if it's a mixtape a song feel it they feel it cause they know


it's genuine and they they was there from the conception all the way to like damn this man hit the stardom that i


knew he was going to hit and this is for them those like this for us but i can't


afford therapy so this is my therapy but for real it's for them it's for the people that i inspire and motivate


because i never know who this could really touch and could just change their life completely or could at least help


with whatever situation they're going through and it might not always be music sometimes you really just gotta be


yourself take off the mask take off the [ __ ] and just be yourself like regardless if it makes you look like an


idiot or it makes you look like soft or whatever but be yourself because i accept that more than you faking the


funk where i could even especially if like i could tell immediately whatever you saying is just a bravado it's not


like man bro i'ma tell you the story how it is it might not be as more entertaining as the


soldier boy yeah i shot him in the boot and then i took this mask off yeah i knew it might not be that interesting


but yeah [ __ ] they caught me in the shower i'm gonna tell you the whole story i'm not gonna say i was in that [ __ ] blasting with them crackers and i


was like bow bow and i never was like bowser ah they got me uh i'm gonna just i'm gonna get it through you feel me now


i ain't gonna lie to them like for real i'm gonna keep it a buck so that you see that's what i get for being extra um


i'ma just tell it how it is that's all and and then and some of the stories is not as nice and pretty so that's what my


point was that you know these dark tales need to get told but they're negative turn into a positive so


they only dark because it's it's tough to bear like damn that really happened but it kind of where it steers you yeah


it helped me it helped me because it could have been a lot worse because if they got me for the robbery that i thought it was i would have never even


had this opportunity to meet you because there would have never been a oh i'm free


it would have been i'm fighting the case and i'm fully focused on that ain't no rap ain't no verse ain't no song no no


freestyle [ __ ] i gotta be the case that [ __ ] takes effort money time thought


process strategy you got to be with a lawyer you get your your parents you're 16 you're stupid


you're just [ __ ] stupid putting your parents through [ __ ] that you don't have to go through yeah and it's like


all that [ __ ] could have been way worse because i already was going through it in a minor scale and it already felt


super bad just imagine if you add attempt murder or rome invasion a


robbery firearm blasting like [ __ ] they just came and got me for some some weed


in the gun hey [ __ ] that gun could've man


i thank god and everything i'm here for a reason that's that's the ill part because that's just


man i haven't been in car accidents that i'm supposed to rest in like i


i know what i'm here for yeah i know i'm here for a bigger purpose because there's things that's happened to me


that doesn't explain how how i survived a car flipped over enough


times for me to land back on his wheels i'm in the back seat no seat belt my aunt driving she flies out the window to


homie drive passenger seat holds on to the little thing on the top and then bomb it flips over i fall in the trunk i


get the road rash 16 stitches i don't even see this at first [ __ ] in my eye camp


man i think my auntie died cause she's on face first and and and and she wasn't moving


bomb five minutes later after me saying yo check on auntie check out the bomb she moves once she moves i think i just


passed out once i saw her move i was like alright cool she alive they flew out the helicopter that was the last


thing i remember and bomb and then you got the time that my mom found a pistol


there's so much dark [ __ ] that happened but you know what it's it's it's just part of the character that i've become


like what the character meaning like i built so much character through all this struggle that i don't have to have a character in this rap [ __ ] i am who the


[ __ ] i say i am when i'm rapping i don't do no another extra [ __ ] i tell her how it is and the way because it's so crazy


i don't need to do the extra shits like my story alone just by itself is entertaining i don't got to add the


sprinkles i don't like sprinkles i don't even like sprinkles in real life for why would i do that [ __ ]


and [ __ ] in my my my [ __ ] music or in my personality and meeting people i'm gonna give it to you how it is because


it's just as entertaining now trust me i would love to be sitting here and tell


dudes like i got shot four times nah bro cuz that [ __ ] hurt and that [ __ ]


don't look cute [ __ ] be thinking getting shot be looking like 50 when [ __ ] be looking like conway when


[ __ ] be looking like the homies and [ __ ] be out here with a colossally bag and they can't even prop so [ __ ] be


thinking [ __ ] sweet but i know the truth and because i do i think for me i don't like to play that field that that's good


you got to keep it real yes sir i've definitely recorded a bunch of fake


oh of these many of them yeah they talk about weed they talk about this


can you roll this for me you just talked about you just smoked a pound on your song i just recorded it


they don't know how to roll they know how to do [ __ ] i'm like oh okay [ __ ] it so i think it's just gotten worse nowadays


but you know what's impressive like because they they be talking that [ __ ] like they they somebody


is super like like informative or they're super close to it or they're feeding them that


because if they are writing it which i believe a lot of them do or freestyling wrapping it saying it putting it


together these [ __ ] talking that [ __ ] like they was active yeah yeah heavy and the truth is like


exactly what you said you could tell the real from the fake if you're a real person absolutely you can smell it like


whatever what do you what do you mean what are you doing here yeah that's something this um it's fishy yeah cause


real people move different exactly bro different approaches certain things you


know you know acting correct and the ones that are due doing it and they just putting themselves out there you just


[ __ ] incriminating yourself you're just [ __ ] [ __ ] up yeah cause unless you're doing some you talking about some


[ __ ] seven years ago or better and and it's like thank god like man


free a lot of the homies that just ain't no better because that's the thing right a lot of them young


i was young and they have money young and they have fame too i ain't have no fame of money i


was just trying to get it so just imagine like these kids is like learning as they go


with all of these things in front of them to play with you kind of kind of give them a break because like


they're just going through what probably a lot of us did at the time in our own way but we don't like to admit


it whether it's our parents with woodstock us for rolling loud this generation for this uh uh what like just


so many different examples but it's like you got to let them go through it trust me i don't think kodak belongs in jail


for eight years i don't think max b deserves 100 years at all and i want to prevent that but i also


know that you can't crucify kids and give them all that time


just because they did something and trust me i'm not here


trying to tell [ __ ] that it's okay but you gotta if jail is to like if it's a correctional facility


it it's supposed to help correct the issue not add to the problem facts and sometimes i feel like they just give a


lot of these kids so much time they give a lot of people a lot of minorities especially but the young kids


get told that they won't have to stew as much time and if they do they still get out and enough time to live their life


and before you know it they stuck in that helmet yeah to the point that like


their mentality is just as gone as the [ __ ] in the streets if not worse cause now they're prison


and i don't want to get into that subject too much because i'll be lying if i was like well rehearsed and fully


informed i'm just not stupid and i'm i'm not blind to what i see and i'm very


aware that a lot of this should be um smoking mirrors and uh in the process is you know i


don't i'm not gonna run away from it since i'm running towards this success i'm gonna see things and i might not be


one of the ones that might stay quiet but i ain't gonna be stupid and just spill the beans but i'm gonna keep it real with the ones that's listening like


i said that's the whole point it's for the ones that [ __ ] with me not for the ones that don't it's that simple


so let's talk about um so now keeping it real on the music what


is uh your recording process to making a record right now it's different it varies so like if i'm


in album mode i like to lock in for as long as possible if i'm on some mixtape [ __ ] it's


sporadic i might work with different producers and see what's up but the truth is i like to stay consistent so


like i work out of two studios right now and um which studios shout out to who


bang productions what they do you already know man they


they solid with it they man listen they wanted it they it's two of them the engineer and the producer but the


engineer also helps produce so and they family so like man they brought me in pistol introduced me to them okay pistol


pete i'm pistol p artist shout out to ts yap music k y'all y'all know what the


[ __ ] it is certified we in this [ __ ] fake had to do that had the [ __ ] dude it's heart of a wolf


[ __ ] over here you heard so who bang been showing me love and what's crazy is that i knew them from way back so he


kind of reintroduced me to them because there was an artist that i knew that was already working with them but i wasn't


like if there was a description i would have been maybe the homeboy the hype man the


the security guard at times but i wasn't the rapper so i played it back while the


homie was doing this thing so they ain't really peaked me like that but they heard a few things and they always wanted to [ __ ] with me fast forward


pistol pete bomb the certified homie he met me and just like my manager hollywood jack instantly [ __ ] with me


instantly like oh bro i like your vibe like what you asked me hello questions like because he knew i knew who he was


and and rest in peace mike beck i knew about k.a.r early i knew about a lot of things early um


steve labelle was there i knew about you know his situation with nip and so many others you feel me and how he was able


to contribute to the game and i know how he was real cool with pistol long story short


that's that squad of like producers then you got the soul flow


faders right there team that i found that i build with shout out to my [ __ ] boost boosts on a [ __ ] beat


he's one of the dopest producers i've worked with next to who bang because they're helping me really build the


sound and he has a group of producers under his belt these [ __ ] is like wu tank for producers it's like 10


of these [ __ ] and they all dope shout out to dirty he's an engineer and a producer he'd be recording me when i'm


over there at soulflow fader studio so dirty my recorder engineer over there


um richie's one of the dope producers um there's two young ladies on there


that they writers they're singers they songwriters they they go by the angies


is both of them names and like angelic i i always [ __ ] up their names man i love


y'all but they're two amazing singers y'all gonna hear him on the next project one his name angie the other name's


angela if i'm not mistaken and they go by the angies and they're both amazing


songstress i met them through boost and i got the opportunity to work with them they're amazing writers they got some


hooks for me but um those those are the two main producers and studios that i work out of and those


the ones that um i'm a currently keep working out of because i'm loving the sound that i'm building with them i love


that i'm finding my own and building my own sound with who bang with boos with


e-wave with dirty and i'm combining the two i'm i'm building this empire heart of a


wolf and i'm combining every single situation hollywood jack pistol p t s uh


uh k.a.r yap music who bank production soulflow faders shout out to homie marcus banks he was one of the first


original producers that i work with that ever gave me a chance and he's actually part of show flo faders as well and he


was helping me build my sound to that uh at the time was what i was interested in


more than what i'm doing now you feel me now more is like it's it's it's a merge


of things rather than just a specific sound so with banks you know he helped


me with records like alopata no more licks [ __ ] um


so far so good and some classic joints and um i have to say like the you know those


are the two studios that i love working out of and the recording process it's real simple like i just i'm i tell my


story in the most creative and dopest ill way whether it's presenting it on a


short freestyle or it's a song or


it's a conceptualized record that's for the album i just make sure i tell my story


and i say this dope as [ __ ] in the process and i'll be authentic feel me that's really good you're right


on your phone or you're right hell no hell no i got the hell no bro that [ __ ] that [ __ ] i am not


good at that writing on the phone [ __ ] so i either just start in 2020 when i realized i could do


it i started just rapping like no no pay no pad i just freestyled and see what i come up with and i just chop and screw


[ __ ] and i and honestly bro bro i come up with some of the dopest [ __ ]


when you're not overthinking or writing just letters yeah oh my god bro


oh my god so i did that for a whole mixtape for like 12 records and


some of them i wrote to i'm gonna stop lying and you see i was doing a little rapper capping i was doing a little wrap


up right there i caught myself called myself with the wrapper capping


i did that with about six joints so i did it with a few records that was very


easy like up my alley already paused that sounded mad crazy and um then i did


it with records that i was like yo i want to try this i did it with a trap song a drill song and ever since then i


was doing that and then i started going back to writing because i missed that process like i miss like


coming up with some dope [ __ ] yeah not only structure but like there's things you can't come up with


freestyling that you could come up with right in because you're like wait there's so many ways i can manipulate this before you know it you got to


triple entendre in one bar and you're like i'm the best rapper alive you [ __ ] suck


you guys are trash i don't know why you [ __ ] rap you didn't hear this and then you're like i bet you feel me


so it'd be different it depends man it really depends so for me i love performing as much as


recording but i like writing as much as i do recording even if it's just


you know a few bars just to like have for later some [ __ ] and you've been uh performing


a lot lately and now that covert or not she's gone pretty much in especially florida man i'm on a i'm on a


[ __ ] heels tones man i see i've been man and i'm and i'm blessed


because i couldn't do this by myself man shout out to hollywood jack in the back making it happen


he was able to get me the currency show back to back it was my first time performing in front of a thousand people


oh [ __ ] not bad i've been to a currency show so man nice it's joe and he was so bro


that's a whole podcast episode itself like currency was super dope to the


event the people oh orlando man i'm from miami but when i'm in orlando


[ __ ] i'm from orlando because they show me so much love bro i just want to like hug everybody i [ __ ] meet from


orlando because the reception the way they treat me to like the the genuine like yo this man really gave us


everything in 15 minutes and we want to know everything from the meet and greet i'm talking about i've never had such a


great reception in my life and it happened again at the crib it happened at the millie show and shout out to


millie's and his team and and like i said hollywood jack for making these shows happen but you know what


conceptualized a lot of this was before that was the styles p and havoc show before that was westside gun before that


was that uh uh rayquan and ghostface before that was the the initial origin


of like a lot of these great shows which was the rex me sky zoo hollywood jack and


man it was like the initial oh yeah yeah that's about the road i was in cali


we still ain't make the whole everything official with me and my homie with the uh uh the promoter which was um


hollywood jack that turned into my manager and then um i came back from cali and i hit the


ground running ever since uh like honestly 2022 this [ __ ] just been going up and


it's just been just a crazy dope ride like man like it's been


i people love my performances you feel me people love my performances to the point like i i guess every time


you know i kept performing you know they would uh they would book me like yo he got to


come you got to come to the point you know we're doing the european tour in the fall oh nice yeah so okay so you know


we're already going overseas yes sir so they so people be like okay whoo it was like where is this long-winded


conversation going i was like yeah i wanted to do that on purpose guys i'm sorry i had a bit make it dramatic yes


sir european tour in the fall oh [ __ ] nice so all these shows led up to that and


there's probably another tour i'm gonna do before that because that's in the fall and we're hopefully getting a


confirmation before the week's over uh this summer tour that i'm supposed to do with


artists that i already mentioned but i don't i let them you know you know i'll let them put the pieces together later


yeah okay can't announce everything okay got it got to keep a few things a little under the tuck you all right


all right but yeah man we here consistency this is all it's about no


exactly every time i'm seeing your page right now lately you're always performing and then you're performing uh


a lot with these artists um so it's right now you're saying what's your favorite show then that you've been to


the one orlando hands down the currency show hands just a different vibe right there


orlando yeah man a thousand people to meet and greet man the way they i never


like took so much pictures and hugged people because that's your first meet and greet


yes it was my first meet and greet damn and you're doing the currency so that's that's nice right there that was super


love that was super love man like to this and that was just two months ago that was just two months like yeah


that's the crazy part like currency millies like status p that's all last six months like man like we dropped


along with ep out now by the way long wolf vp on all platforms available on streaming platforms i need to go get


that you heard shameless plug we outside and um yeah so february we dropped the ep


and um we just been going hammers ever since we just stayed consistent with the shows with the people engaging with real


people staying focused online with the having the content and it's just been an amazing ride because like i meet so much


great people in the process millie his manager currency his manager his band


they was all super dope shout out to um you know


shout out to the people at clockwork and addictive affairs that gave me the opportunity


for uh giving my manager us


the opportunity to perform and work with them because it wasn't all my manager and i'd be a fool to a lot of the people


because you know i if i'm gonna keep it all the way real like i said work you know my manager made that happen but


you know if if clockwork and addictive affairs ain't give us the opportunity it'd have been a lot more difficult you know so i


appreciate that and um back to like yeah so like all the the european tour is official that's in the


fall um what was what was the other dream what's uh what's going on with the the mixtape


movie oh so you peep yes you peep i'm a movie star now tunes


i was broke i was just out i was on probation now i'm a movie star


i'm a [ __ ] movie star my [ __ ] yeah my first film ever bro i never yo


excuse me if i'm making like a crazy mess in your studio my boy oh good um


yeah it's called the mixtape shout out to larry love the director and producer


he gave a young [ __ ] from lapata like myself for opportunity to make a little bit of bread and actually show my


talents in ways i thought i never could for real never read a script never went to acting school never went to acting


classes no film art no performing arts classes no school listen my school was


ice cube tupac and l.l coogee john singleton spike lee and wes craven


them [ __ ] was my [ __ ] cuz like i don't know what it was but like wes i know [ __ ] is like why this


[ __ ] said waste craving cause freddy krueger scared the [ __ ] out of me more than any


other [ __ ] uh uh horror [ __ ] all them [ __ ] i was never by


lake so jason wasn't real that halloween [ __ ] like bruh he only


killing the [ __ ] that's [ __ ] with him b like he he's not just gonna come out the blue and be like i'm gonna kill


this [ __ ] faint nah he wants his auntie he wants his bloodline but this [ __ ] that comes in the dreams out of nowhere


like you don't even got he you don't even gotta be from elm street he won't smoke with everybody you don't even


gotta be from his block he's just like yeah i'm in the dreams [ __ ] he caught everybody a [ __ ] he's slashing


everything he [ __ ] with [ __ ] because he you know you think it's all sweet oh yeah baby yeah you know i'm i'm


riding in the bus with the bad [ __ ] before you know it you tonguing down a bad [ __ ] the bad [ __ ] is this [ __ ]


i was like yo i don't believe that [ __ ] bro so wes craven spike lee um john singleton was those directors


that like i always wanted to see their movies and then like i knew when i wanted to be a rapper that there were


certain rappers that were actors that i forget that they were act um rappers when they act so like that's when this


good acting right there you're like oh [ __ ] like i was like oh [ __ ] damn that [ __ ] does have an album talking about killing [ __ ] like


damn oh cool j i forgot you that fire dude on the you you know you smash


[ __ ] with the mic perform like yeah you smell you killed a couple careers and then ice cube


uh uh uh and then the prime example tupac like you know i love will smith there's a lot of android 3000 most deaf


there's a lot of great rappers turned actors but like i would be like


lost in juice like i'd be lost in juice because i really forget like this [ __ ] rap


because like he just like was in character like a [ __ ] bro and that wasn't just it


like poetic justice like this [ __ ] played a great mailman like


it's a mailman but he played the [ __ ] out that role cuz and um how was it right now for like


trying to do it yourself right now for me yeah for me it was like all right


you'd never done this before fain you you you know that you want to be great what do the greats do they do


their best no matter what and they figure it out and they and they just devote themselves to it so i started


reading the script as much as possible i would watch other films like fresh and


paid in full and all of these rapper movies and i would devote myself to like


just like being authentic like all right if you're going to get into the role find out what they want from the role


and and just like eternalize yourself as that like rest in peace the homie from


the crow and the batman movie i ain't want to go that far but i know i wanted to tap in so i knew


i had to like think about [ __ ] that i didn't want to when it came to certain scenes just to get that emotion and be mad and and


really upset like i don't want to give away too much from the movie but there was times where i was like damn


i'm in a relationship and and the parts that i'm with my girlfriend in the movie


i had to think of some of the relationships i was in the past that was mad toxic and


because of the scene and the sake of the movie i relived those moments so that i could give it that that extra


that extra sauce and that's what i did i i kind of tapped into [ __ ] that i knew that


because i never i i didn't know what i was doing and i didn't want to let this director down


yeah you're trying to do it all you can yeah because i'm you know he giving me this opportunity i i don't want to [ __ ]


this up so that was my thing like i just that was my like strategy if if it was


it was training cause we there was uh this movie for me took at least four years because he was already working on


a movie for forgot three years i'm sorry it took me like three years to do the movie with him because he was working on it for so


long he had different cast members different people that gave up midway [ __ ] he had to reshoot so there was one


scene there was like six six days we was in a 13 million dollar crib


somewhere south and um that was like training camp because i got to work with the actors that really


went to school they got headshots and really went for it so it was an


opportunity for me to like all right gain as much knowledge so that


when it's time for your scenes which is me talking to me i could have a way better outcome because not only do i now


know myself learning okay do the best you can but now these are people that actually do this professionally telling


me pointers clues tips and hints and [ __ ] like no you're doing this good or


you could have done this better so it felt like real good to be around professionals actually helping me to do


this acting thing so that was very like a gift because that was like mid


movie so even the rest of the movie just them six days helped a lot through the rest of the other scenes that i had to


do and i had like 11 more scenes after them six days so yeah it was a nice process but it


definitely took a lot out of me that i never knew i could do because it wasn't something i ever saw myself doing i


always wanted to focus on rapping and let that be some um secondary after i was successful but it


came in the process yeah exactly it was in the process and i ain't mad at it okay so what's pretty


much the storyline of the movie um like a quick i got timecasted so i'm


playing a rapper okay so uh that being said i'm a rapper um platinum


selling rapper and his name's blaze


so damn close to feign they had me whiling um and there's this other uh


main actor co-star vigilante he plays an up-and-coming rapper um


and it's about these two guys finding their way in the music industry one that's already successful


hoping that it's not smoking mirrors the other one just trying to get a taste of what the other one already has and


on the rise to one gaining their spot and no other one overcoming it they meet


each other and find out they have more of a connection than they thought so it was a pretty dope you know


and the other artists is uh vigilante and he's from miami uh broward he's from


broward okay but yeah he's from he from south florida from the crib and they are so the movie's pretty much filmed out


here then most of it yes most of it was filmed in south florida because it's about miami it's about the scene in miami these both


of these artists are from are from you know the crib miami's miami-based movie it's called the


mixtape and it was a premiere june 10th and it should be out on amazon in a few


weeks if not the end of this summer maybe the fall but yeah your boy did his acting thing


and man it was dope to see the people like man people thought that people really


told me like yo you look like you really been acting for a while like you did a really good job and i ain't gonna lie


man i was nervous as [ __ ] at the moment don't [Applause] don't do that to me so i was really


[ __ ] nervous though because i i'm about to like because you got to understand right in the process i'm doing a movie i'm like whatever


whatever this [ __ ] ain't never going to come out i don't give a [ __ ] i don't give a [ __ ] i would be on some negative [ __ ] to myself just to tell myself like


oh this don't matter this don't matter this don't matter just just just go fight through it fight through it fight through it


man when i realized this [ __ ] was coming out i'm like wait what the [ __ ] hold up wait it's really done


and i couldn't believe that i was watching myself on a big screen like i was a


little nerve-wracking at times because i didn't know how people would respond i'm not an actor i don't know if i'm doing a


good job i don't have you know i know people in the movie and that was part of it


told me that i did a good job but it's like yeah y'all guys are just like making sure that like i stick around or


some [ __ ] i don't know but to see people that are not invested tell me like you did a really good job that [ __ ] had me


like oh yeah yeah i'm a star now [ __ ] this [ __ ] yeah mama we made it she's seeing me she's seeing me she's seeing


me for real you feel me so yeah that that was amazing process bro and i look forward to everybody to be able to see it when


it comes out on amazon and it's available on streaming platforms that do movies like roku and [ __ ] like that so


i look forward to it brother for real cause now i wanna i i like the world star


common vibes like that [ __ ] don't hurt me so when [ __ ] be like who the [ __ ] is this [ __ ] why didn't telus [ __ ] get


a tape before his scene who this fake light skin i love all of it i just wanna hear this [ __ ] like let me know good or


bad like what's like like you know so i'm okay with it it's just i want to know just because like


man i already think i did good people think i did good now let's see


if we could take this a little further let's see how far this could go amazon all right cool


let's get the responses that's big though yeah that's super big hell yeah


hell yeah back so what's next for fein the world the world chico the world


hell yeah cause you gotta understand like i'm i'm a stand on this right


we do everything independent so when i say i'm one of the most consistent hardest dopest


genuine authentic artist from south florida i stand on that [ __ ] cause a lot of [ __ ] not even in my league you


[ __ ] either had it and lost it or y'all [ __ ] still struggling and doing this wrong your business not in order


you're not consistent enough you a bitch-ass [ __ ] you a whole you a rap [ __ ] boy and you not the same so it'd be


different so you [ __ ] is so like we're not in the same class you [ __ ]


like need to catch the [ __ ] up so when i say that i be like there's nothing i can't do


i write for other artists i write for r b singers i write for djs female djs


from memphis california i produce i i when i meet producers i don't make beats


but [ __ ] i put these orchestras of plethora of songs together that's me


that tracklist is me so when i should say executive producing hey i need this sound for this effect yo i need this


here i'm with the mixing engineers i'm with the videographer's editing i'm putting in the work i own my music i am


the owner of a record label that i'm assigning myself to i am uh i am the music business i ain't just the


talent so shout out to everybody that ever helped me get there wendy day tony kingpin and


and and put these these these these these statements almost embedded in my head because it's


like you have to do more than what you want to get everything you


really need and i say that to say i knew my purpose and i had to figure


out my why and a lot of the help that i got was through them as well as god my mama and so many other things i could


never put just one finger on but as far as the music without getting side stretched sidestr um track and side


swipe i learned that a lot of rappers don't even have their business together so


when i'm telling them like they not really in my league it's not just about


talent it's just you [ __ ] not working hard enough you're not consistent you don't care about who gets your


publishing check you just want to be popping you just want clout you just want to be a tic toc challenge fame


viral situation you want to be a youtuber one minute you want to be a [ __ ] lawyer the next minute bro if


you're going to be a lawyer while you lowering up [ __ ] learn about being my [ __ ] cause you a weirdo bro you doing


weird [ __ ] [ __ ] out here doing one thing that don't connect with the other [ __ ] out here trying to start a watch


car business but them [ __ ] still trying to like start a whole rap career like this don't take a [ __ ] [ __ ]


want to be gangsters and rappers bro and that's how them [ __ ] die dawg it's unfortunate but it's the truth because


in order to do this [ __ ] you need a hundred percent on both sides so if you playing that fence dawg you gonna play a


nasty game with people that love you bro for real because the thing is you're not hurting yourself you hurting them


because when you're gone that [ __ ] hurt the people you you feel me so like i can't i i move different


because i think about all of these things so yeah consistency is the key yeah so like


who the [ __ ] dropped 12 videos and 12 songs in 12 months then dropped the mixtape then the ep who


doing this my shows back to back to back to back who you know putting out this much content consistently


that that you you know i bet i know this [ __ ] fame damn bro i can't you be wanting to get off of instagram because


like oh this [ __ ] faint on that [ __ ] again like [ __ ] bro all right we get it dog we [ __ ] up


we're not [ __ ] with you we're gonna [ __ ] with you now bro all that lames but dog that's the type of work i want bro


that [ __ ] in the past got to be like damn bro let me see if it's not too late yeah no it's never too late as long as


you come correct never long as you was never really a [ __ ] boy or a whole ass [ __ ] oh it's never too late bro me and


you never had issues and it was so much gaps in our relationship it was never an


issue when you dm'd me it's nothing bro you did a photo shoot for me like even i don't know if you


remember we did that little photo shoot like yeah yeah they got still got them pictures bro that [ __ ] lasted three


years the pictures were so fire but that's my point like there's never too late to work with people as long like


it's genuine and it's authentic and and that's you know that's why when i say what's next for fame it's the world it's


because of that it's because like man it's i got more shows coming up i got the euro show i got the feels right


music video coming out that's on the ep the lone wolf i got the euro tour mom


homie rex shout out to the hunt man shout out to lawrence mass i ain't a lot they been showing me so much love shout


out to rex he um we got the uh record coming out me and him that's coming out in the fall too it's crazy it's a lot of


stuff we i got the new single sliding coming out in the summer produced by boost i got um shout out to kar yap


music ts family shout out to who bank productions one more time cause they've been helping me out a lot i'm gonna be


on a dog in a yard project so pistol pete got a podcast called dog in the yard and he dropping the album and i got


like about three or four records on there and it's official so they dropping that then i'm working on this collab


project with vega it's a four track situation it's an artist that's dominican independent from the crib and


he just got some dope music i'm working on that heart of wolf two the mixtape


where i'm from that's coming out this year if not late early tomorrow that's just yeah i said that late early


tomorrow we outside with the shenanigans that's going to be my baby so i'm preparing that while i'm working and


finishing the dog in the yard project the vega project um i'm working on my own project heart of a wolf too and i


kind of want that to come out as soon as possible but i'm doing everything the right way nice and that's because i


refuse to let my emotions carry out what the business is and i want to do my


business right so i'm finishing up project by project releasing single by single and just building up that


momentum that leverage and that that consistency you know and that's what it comes back to these [ __ ] is not [ __ ] with me


you heard me right there telling you a lot of people are just uh they might come on with that record but


then they don't follow it up they're just working on the next record so that one record didn't go where it


needs to go you know it's funny and then you have to you know yeah it's all about marketing to yourself and and growing


with it bro they be stuck on that because it's cool to like you supposed to like running it up but dog


after a while they gonna want more and you don't want to like i ain't feeling like trying no artists like that but


like there's these uh tick-tock situations where they go viral


and like they become this popping artist and then like bomb it's just that one song now they do it different genres to


stay alive now they're trying to do songs with alpha and this person and then ball and it's just not hitting the


same and even the songs that they released after it's not hitting the same because they was


they took too long to give the people new music so they was only focused on that viral sensation and because the


artist and that team was focused on that viral sensation their self they got what they wanted they got that


15 minutes of fame that they cashed out and they got what they wanted but it wasn't going to last if they wanted


longevity they should have they should have went for longevity not the fast


cash out you know hustle you know because some artists do treat this like a hustle


they don't necessarily have to have a passion for it they just treat this like a a way to flip bread until they realize


it costs more money to put in it than to actually that's why they want to go to cheap route you feel me and they do


things the wrong way and they just like [ __ ] it i'm gonna give somebody else 80 of my ownership of my music just so i


could say i i i'm popping and i'm famous and i got this gold chain and this


diamonds this bus down and i got this rented lamborghini and i got this crib that i don't own and i do shows and i


kind of get paid for them sometimes depending on the city so it's all like yeah it's real you feel me they're okay


with that man [ __ ] that no yeah [ __ ] that for real so that being so much work yeah too much work to get


nothing too much work to get nothing so if i'm gonna go to and do the hard work i want


my 85 percent and the only [ __ ] i'm giving a percentage to is either a manager someone i hire my distributor my


publishing administrator but [ __ ] ain't about to get me no [ __ ] [ __ ] i want nah i'm here to


build leverage so if a deal is coming it's coming under my terms for sure that's that's simple feel like


that you have uh control over the situation instead of just trying to come up for the fame


which everybody's just trying to reach there and that's the problem because some [ __ ] don't even know they want to be famous because they don't know what


the fame come with so when they realize that fame doesn't mean money that's the part that they don't realize


fame does not mean you got money it just means you're famous somebody had to use this money to get


you popping and you think you're not gonna pay them back you're stupid no for sure you you're gonna have to pay them


somehow and no matter if it's a record label a publishing company or investor if somebody else was willing to


play with their money to get you popping and you want to start doing things your


way you got your [ __ ] mind [ __ ] if you wanted to do it your way then get your own money you should have never


worried about an investor but for sure but that's the problem rappers eat with their eyes


[ __ ] just look at what the [ __ ] result and they don't look at what it really takes


that should be the craziest [ __ ] cuz we all get a bad reputation because the dumb [ __ ] and the dumb [ __ ] and the


dumb [ __ ] suckers and the dumb weirdos and the and what i mean by that is like the people that don't have no morals and


willing to do whatever just for stardom that is super weird that's weirder than like liking the same sex or anything


trust me because you're not even a solid like a person that tells me i'm gay


i could have way more respect for than a rapper that i know is telling me he's a


gangster but i know his reputation yep because at least the person


that is yeah the gay person is up front and we could even build a relationship just


from their honesty because it doesn't matter what you do as long as i respect you and you respect me you could have a


relationship with anybody just don't ever have that don't cross those lines of of of of whatever it is if it's


religion whatever politics as long as you can respect one another that's what


it is and a lot of rappers just don't got respect they learn that the hard way like in jail


because that's where they end up some of them are not using their heads and that's when they become real humble


because in jail none of that [ __ ] matters prison jail two different things but it's all


incarceration it's all institutionalized it's all the way to like i ain't a lot wake some people up unfortunately yeah


and rap [ __ ] tend to be on some whole ass [ __ ] and sometimes even then it's not even enough


some [ __ ] stay solid some [ __ ] don't but for me i i just


i understand this is a circus i just refuse to like pay attention to the clowns


that's it you know i'm there's there's cotton candy over here there's a lady doing all types of gymnastic [ __ ]


let me go over there like i'm good bro there's other ways i could i don't have to give in i could do


it might be a longer route granted but at least i could look myself in the mirror when i wake up in the morning and


that means a lot more than anything not for sure you found me keeping it real with yourself and not putting it into a


character because then you have to play that character and then you have to get lost in that character correct a lot of


this [ __ ] take money time effort blood sweat and tears and a lot of [ __ ] be like [ __ ] it if i'm a risk at all at


least it's 100k involved don't be giving a [ __ ] that's why you're certified man that's


what certified because [ __ ] cannot do what i did [ __ ] can't do what i'm doing [ __ ]


rather give up and come up with excuses and say this and it was my i had a son i


had a daughter in my dreams in life and i'd rather get to the money and i'ma got the bag [ __ ] and then you


mad you mad and when when you know somebody that is popping now you're oh what's good my g yo you know i'm still


you rat oh yeah you know i you should come by the studio oh you got a studio now cause now you


see me with so-and-so [ __ ] and [ __ ] do that today best friends it's weird because success is is it don't always


mean money people just want to be like involved and when people see like they


had their chance and they blew it they look weird when they don't realize they just need to step away from the


situation be happy for the person and keep it pushing they try to support it they try to involve themselves back in


and it looks nasty because it was like bro you had your chance while you doing this yeah now it feels forced yeah


yeah you can't do that [ __ ] but nah


you can see through it well the real ones can yeah absolutely some people you know they're blind to it they always


wanted it so they're like oh [ __ ] it they finally see it cool but you got to see that [ __ ] from a distance


filming yeah is that not you're going to get caught up in it yeah oh [ __ ]


so so you ready for a free sound let's get to it man you know i'm always


here for it [ __ ] it this is the best part of the show let's do it










in the presence of a boss [ __ ] [ __ ] can't even hiccup gorillas out miami [ __ ] who beg to differ bet you they


quiver when they hear the sounds of this real [ __ ] you know i gotta go get it by any means


these hoes all in my jeans these fake [ __ ] trying to kill my dreams i won't let them these [ __ ] gotta step up


[ __ ] talking bout they got flames [ __ ] really just a headache me i'm on top never stop just imagine when i jot


it's a freestyle you [ __ ] gonna flop just imagine with a pen in the pad you [ __ ] looking too sad oh no i could


tell that he's mad look another rapper [ __ ] fake cause he didn't make it and i'm just here doing what i gotta do or


take it uh it's freestyling i'm making these [ __ ] forsaken i know that these [ __ ] hated these [ __ ] wanna be it


they tracy these [ __ ] stuck in the matrix let's go so many flows i got killer [ __ ]


you [ __ ] ain't no killer sir let's switch up this [ __ ] real quick man


adios lone wolf out now heart of a wolf 2 on the way


let's get it [ __ ] what you ask about i live what you rap about and since i've been tapped in


i ain't tapped out pushing this weight i ain't maxed out killing [ __ ] i ain't clint click lick [ __ ] all you hear is


that clap down [ __ ] talking that [ __ ] and [ __ ] gonna hit the ramp round let's get it uh they show me their


dreams and look at what happened i got it with rapping these [ __ ] talk [ __ ] and never been active never did


clapping look how i do it look how i'm moving looking so fluid so many flows so


many hoes [ __ ] just ask how i do it [ __ ] i get it i flip it i did it i've done it i switch it i flip it i don't


give a [ __ ] like it all my [ __ ] that's with it all my [ __ ] don't like it all my [ __ ] don't write it day


they love the energy love the flow i can't help it i don't give a [ __ ] i want order though


i'm so selfish i'm on top [ __ ] i never stop [ __ ] just imagine when i jot [ __ ] where i kinda said


[Music] [ __ ] now that's real [ __ ]


and [ __ ] [ __ ] probably right here ain't gonna feel this [ __ ] him as [ __ ] all y'all [ __ ] y'all know what it is


you know it's the kid alapeda [ __ ] you know it's the crib


she was fire right there buddy brother appreciate you dope thank you brother i'm here thank


you for having me thank you man this was exciting this was great i needed this let uh everybody know where they can


follow you at man at fame music f-a-y-n-no e let me spell this out for everybody


f-a-y-n-no e it stands for [ __ ] all y'all [ __ ] if you're a hater and for for all my people


that see the the glass half full instead of have empty it's forever achieve your


nirvana those for my fans those were the people that i inspire so it's a balance fame music


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do no cheat codes we don't do no fake streams we don't do no bots everything's authentic everything's genuine we got


like two almost two million streams combined on the whole channel and we win and we


doing what we got to do to make sure we solidified we got over 200 videos on this like i told y'all i was dropping 12


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forever achieve your nirvana and for all you [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] all y'all [ __ ] you already know what the vibe is it's


certified it's your boy fate i love it here i want to stay here but i gotta go


peace audiovox